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But with two planters, you can split them apart to have access to all your fruits and vegetables.
Learn to grow your own organic vegetables, with no need to bend over to tend to your vegetable garden.
On a flat and level surface, lay out what your planter would look like if it was placed upside-down.
This is true depending on how intensively you want to care for your garden and what your climate is.
We just cut the lumber for our self-designed but similar planter last night and we're using furring strips on the sides. If you added two planks on the inside against the 4x4's along the width, you would have a place to store tools, plant food and other gardening needs.

Some of these gardens are so unique because they are often placed on various styled rooftops, patios, side of houses, and along fences. In a hot, dry climate (what I have to deal with in the summer) a deeper bed and wider spacing between vegetables will result in less work and watering for the gardener and similar yield due to more vigorous plants.
So, to give you an idea for your own special garden, I have taken two of my most popular planters, the Portable Elevated Planter and I placed them in various orientations to help you design your garden. I may look for some large casters that are weather resistant and have rubber wheels versus plastic wheels for when I build my second planter. I've tried to explain what I want for my garden, but no one seemed to think it could be done. We are wholly committed to designing and building original planters in an environmentally responsible way.

I’m also an engineer, so if you have any design questions, I would be glad to help in terms of designing your planter for your garden.
I might see about making one for my Shade garden to grow lettuce in the shade of my tiny backyard.

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