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Water features can help turn your landscape into something special, providing a focal point and attracting wildlife. From amazing waterfalls to decorative ponds and fountains, here are 29 photos of stand-out backyard creations from Matt and the Yard Crashers crew. This innovative style of pond maximizes the expansive scenery while also providing the soothing sound of nearby running water. The elements of fire and water merge here with a fireplace tucked near the pool, doubling the area's functionality as a gathering spot.

This bamboo-and-stone water feature is tucked away in the corner of a small backyard, creating an intimate gathering place off to the side.
If you want to add some water features to your home’s outdoor, but your garden or backyard hasn’t much space to set up a large pond, then these ideas can help you create a mini version in a pot. A boulder anchors one end of the stream, while at the other end, a basin captures the water, recycling it back to the rock. These mini ponds not only add beauty and value to your home’s outdoor, but it is also an easy way to bring a water feature into your garden without all the heavy digging and labor.

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