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This is the newest edition of Better Homes and Gardens’ best-selling landscaping book, with 408 pages including over 700 photos and 100 step-by-step projects.
Find more Step-by-Step Landscaping by Better Homes and Gardens information and reviews here.
Top 5 Best Products for DIY LandscapingThese products make landscape design a breeze for home gardeners, whether you are experienced or inexperienced in landscaping. Taylor’s Master Guide to Landscaping is a great book for anyone learning to do their own home landscaping, whether you are an experienced gardener or if you are completely new to landscape design. The Living Landscape takes a different approach to landscape design than many DIY landscaping books.

Rosalind Creasy, the author of Edible Landscaping, first popularized landscaping with edibles over 25 years ago. Top 5 Best DIY Garden Shed BooksStore your tools in style with a custom DIY backyard garden shed.
Landscaping has to take into account a lot more considerations than gardening does, because you have the entirety of your yard to consider and it often involves a lot more construction projects then gardening. The projects focus on home landscaping, grading, planting, deck building,edging, wall building, fences, water gardens, outdoor kitchens, sculpture and more.
This book shows how to have a home landscape that not only provides beauty and structure to your yard, but also nourishes and fosters wildlife.

Creasy is an expert on both landscaping design and edible plants, and her book has been considered a classic since it was published in 1982.
This is a great book for both beginners and experienced gardeners looking to change their attitude towards home landscaping.

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