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From corrugated to recycled and reclaimed materials – check out these 10 budget beating ideas for creating awesome garden fencing in your outdoor space!
I’ve gathered up a whole bunch of ideas for adding creative touches to your garden fence or outdoor walls. If you have some old household item or piece of junk you want to make into something cool, have a look at my Recycled DIY & Craft Idea Project Idea Bank.
The side of this shed is used to display old garden tools, a cast iron frying pan, and more.
Along with some very sweet framed succulents, this garden has a series of galvanized buckets mounted on the fence.

I hung these garden tools on the fence after realizing I was never going to use them but didn’t really want to get rid of them. Along with broken garden tools, I started hanging old wooden picture frames and mirrors as well.
An old window frame matched perfectly with some junk shutters to create a focal point in the garden.
Another great solution for plastic fences, if it’s affordable, is to use rolled bamboo or wilow fencing over top of it. This tells you which mirrors to choose and how to keep it safe: How to use Mirrors in the Garden.

Trying to talk hubby into some privacy fencing so I can make our back yard look alive instead of a boring yard with just 3 trees and a patio that has no life to it either.

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