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Discount pool chemicals with free shipping on Pristine Blue, Baquacil, Baqua spa, 3" chlorine tablets, automatic pool cleaners and more! Above ground swimming pool equipment from Waterways, Polaris Pool, AquaBot and many others along with a great selection of swimming pool toys, games and floats. From our ultra popular swimming pool sanitizer Baquacil, Pool Frog and Chlorine Tablets from Poolife to Spa supplies from Baqua Spa, Brilliance for spas and spa Frog we have it all.
We want you to know if you need anything, we are here to help you find the proper chemicals, pump and filter systems, saltwater systems and cleaning equipment to care for your pool. Basically, it pays to spend the money now on pool chemicals to save you potentially thousands of dollars later to re-plaster your pool, replace a vinyl liner or the expensive fiberglass repair’s.
You should be able to find everything you need here to keep your pool in tip top shape and if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. On our site you will be able to find various pool chemicals available to help sanitize and clarify your pool water whether you use chlorine, ionizers or mineral feeders. Stabilized chlorine will sanitize your pool, kill the bacteria and other contaminants living in the water. Using a reliable test kit, you will need to keep a 1-3 ppm of free chlorine reading in the pool at all times to ensure proper water sanitation. Their is a little more to water chemistry than just pool chlorine and algaecides, it’s also important to pay attention to the ph of the water, alkalinity and water hardness. Pool chemicals are important to keeping your pool water clear and clean to enjoy a great time swimming but they need the help of a pool pump and filter to help maintain that crystal clear pool water. The pool pump is the workhorse that pulls water from the pool through a skimmer or main drain, pushing it through the filter system as it removes debris, dirt and bacteria from the pool water.
To make your pool filtration system complete, we offer swimming pool pumps that are single or dual speed, variable speed and the ever more popular, energy efficient models. If you are looking to add a pool heater, it is really important to keep your water chemistry balanced or you will be wasting your money on expensive repair bills. Solar covers for swimming pools is a blanket, much like bubble wrap, that rests on top of the pool and uses the sun for warming up the water. It can be rather stressful trying to find a pool builder that has a great reputation and does quality work if you don’t have any recommendation. To help you in your search to find qualified swimming pool professionals; we recommend the National Pool Contractors Directory to help you search for a swimming pool builder in your city and state.

Above ground and inflatable pools and accessories, slides, automatic cleaners and chemicals. In swim - pool supplies - swimming pool equipment , In the swim has a huge inventory of swimming pool & spa supplies at competitive prices with fast shipping!
Pool products 4 - discount swimming pool supplies, Pool products 4 less: we ship pool product to your door at discount prices.
Find discount swimming pool equipment - spa supplies, Discount swimming pool equipment and supplies. Discount pool supplies spa supplies, Choose from our large selection of discount swimming pool supplies and spa supplies including pool heaters, spa heaters, pool heat pumps, automatic pool cleaners. Pool Supplies On Sale! Family Leisure has the lowest prices and the best selection of discount pool supplies. Swimming pool supplies available at Family Leisure can help you to keep your swimming pool surfaces in mint condition, too. Take advantage of our expansive knowledge today by visiting one of our nine store locations, chatting on our website, or calling our national hotline and asking to speak to one of our pool care gurus.
The Internet's #1 choice for discount swimming pool supplies, swimming pool chemicals, chlorine tablets, pool toys, pool filters, swimming pool pumps, automatic pool cleaners, pool heaters, above-ground swimming pools, pool cleaning supplies, and all other swimming pool accessories. Here you will find the latest specials and deals for various swimming pool supplies available on the internet.
The truth is, you can add several years of life to your pool’s surface structure just by keeping your water chemistry in the correct ranges. Some pool owners would rather use bromine in their pools because it is less irritating on the eyes and skin. When a pool is used a lot or after heavy rains impurities can build up in the pool causing cloudy water. We offer above ground and in-ground pool pumps from the most reputable manufacturing companies in the pool and spa industry.
These units can be positioned on the roof of your home or a special set-up to the side of your pool. I know, there comes a time when a homeowner is wanting to step it up a notch and have installed a custom in ground pool. They should be able to take your thoughts and ideas and offer some of their own to be able to build a swimming pool that you can be proud of.

Family Leisure has been in the business of swimming pool maintenance, care and fun for several decades.
If you find the pool chemical or accessory that you’d like to introduce to your home above ground or inground pool, we promise to offer you the lowest price.
We offer the freshest pool chemicals, including chlorine tablets and pool algaecides, at the lowest prices. You too, can take advantage of the huge  savings and discounts for the most popular pool products, equipment, chemicals and accessories. If you don’t want to use natural gas or propane, a swimming pool heat pump can be your answer. Reputable and serious pool installers will want to come to your house to look at the backyard to see how the pool can be made to flow with the home and the landscaping. If you need any pool products, you can get discount pool supplies here and with free shipping on most orders. Aside from a giant selection of above ground pools and inground pools, we have also amassed a collection of the best brands and prices on pool supply equipment like chlorine tablets, spa chemicals, calcium hypochlorite, bromine tablets and more. You’ll also find pool surface cleaners that can help you to remove any unwanted stains or accumulations from past neglect. Family Leisure keeps a full staff of swimming pool experts who can help you to understand, select and then apply the most complicated and important pool care systems, like pool skimmers, chlorine pumps, and more. Family Leisure takes great care to hire and deliver ongoing education to a select group of swimming pool chemistry experts. With swimming pool water maintenance supplies from brands like Swimline, Hayward, and Waterway, you can open and close your pool with ease and accuracy. Then, it’s easy to maintain a crystal clear home swimming pool for the duration of your swimming season.

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