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Whether contemporary or traditional, your garden will be designed to bring out it's full potential with your taste and requirements a priority. As well as undertaking our own design commissions we also work as the preferred contractor for many of London's premier garden designers, constructing their designs to exacting standards. Behind the most beautiful of London’s houses, from the snowy canyons of Holland Park to  the mellow Georgian brick of Hampstead, lie some of the capital’s ultra-glamorous gardens.
In winter the garden is a stage set, beautifully lit at dusk, while in summer it becomes an outdoor room, with dining and sitting areas, rainproof sofas, coffee tables and fireplaces.
Add to all this the fact that we also ask our gardens to bring us a calming glimpse of nature in the city – rus in urbe for 365 days a year – it’s quite a tall order for one small patch of earth. Chic London gardens this year are built along strict geometric lines, and should have some, preferably all, of the following:  pale cream limestone paving, horizontal cedar trellis (which fades to fashionable grey in a year or so), square blocks of clipped box punctuating the edges of the beds and walls, slim standard trees set  in a row. This kind of prettiness had no appeal for the owner of the magnificent Holland Park garden designed by del Buono Gazerwitz. London is truly the garden city: neither Paris nor New York can rival it for private green space.

And it is the very privacy of the spaces held from common view  that gives variety to London’s gardens.
The latest craze in London gardens is the outdoor kitchen, stocked with hi-tech cooking appliances. She is often involved  from the beginning of building works: “I design the garden off  the house using complimentary materials and colours,” she says.
Look behind a row of identical houses and see how different their gardens can be: from orderly evergreen topiary to 17th century design by Daniel Marot, and next door a confection of stone,  glass and steel with a digitally-programmed lighting scheme.
Kim Turner of Bective Leslie Marsh’s Kensington office goes further: “On average, a landscaped garden in Kensington can add 10-15 per cent to the value of the property,” she says. One garden designer, Charlotte Rowe, has been asked to install an outdoor shower, which, in our cool climate could be a triumph of hope over experience. Theatrical side wings can be made from a square-clipped hornbeam hedge on slim trunks and the clean lines of the stone given a touch  of woodland informality with the shaggy grass Hakonechloa macra to soften its edges, with the garden trellises clad in Trachelospermum jasminoides – an evergreen climber with white or cream scented flowers.
Agents agree that the size and aspect of a garden are important (buyers all want evening sun, for that gin-and-tonic moment) and privacy, noise reduction and control of the outlook are vital considerations in  a town garden too.

But every agent stresses that a really well-designed garden is paramount, especially as many houses now have huge glass doors that give straight on to the garden, so that it becomes the fourth wall. But the shrub that no self-respecting London garden should ever be without is Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle, whose huge greenish-white blossoms manage  to look bucolic and blowsy, and achingly chic at the same time. It even drowned out the sound of the planes!” That is a tall order, even  for the best garden designer. The old saying ‘an Englishman’s home is  his castle’ prevailed, and London was able to develop organically, with the preferred dwelling being a one-family house with a garden.

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