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In 2010, Patterson, a New Ipswich resident, collaborated with his father, David Patterson, to illustrate a field guide called “Freshwater Fish of the Northeast.” But the book was intended to be a combination adult field guide and coffee table book. Targeted at young children, the illustrations in the book depict a variety of North American landscapes and the wildlife that inhabit them, both during the day and nighttime hours. Now that “Daylight Moonlight” is complete, Patterson said, he’ll be taking a break from children’s books to do a follow up to “Freshwater Fish of the Northeast.” He’s planning to to illustrate another field-guide book on local reptiles, which will include over 90 illustrations. Patterson decided to focus his next project on a book that would give children the opportunity to learn about animals and where they live. Patterson will be making an appearance at the Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough on Saturday to discuss the book.

From the scorching desert to the Florida tropics, and even the average backyard, the whole gamut of North American habitats are featured. The book begins with a day and night desert scene, and this is also where Patterson began developing the book. These two were the first illustrations — all hand painted with oil and acrylic — of an eight-month process Patterson took to illustrate the book.
A pigeon peaking into one of the upper windows isn’t really common backyard wildlife in New Ipswich, and it isn’t identified in the species guide at the back of the book.
The book is light on words, intended to allow young children to explore the environments depicted, and pick out and identify different animals.

So the illustrations were particularly important, and the desert pair were the ones Patterson sent to publishers as part of his book proposal, and really got the project off the ground.

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