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A small yard translates into a small garden, but there's still plenty you can do with limited space. Create the Illusion of SpaceVarying the grade-either up or down-provides the illusion of greater space. Create Space with ContainersOften, the problem with a small outdoor area is a lack of gardening space.
Grow Up with VinesAnnual vines such as this black-eyed Susan (Thunbergia alata) provide a quick and efficient way to use vertical space. Plant More in a Raised BedRaised beds solve a space problem by allowing you to plant more intensively.
But lattice covered by sweet autumn clematis (Clematis terniflora) provides a backdrop and utilizes unused space between the water feature and the building. In this case, the vine will occupy the space until the companion evergreen is large enough to take over.

An understory tree such as this Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) is small enough that it won’t get in the way. A garage supports vines, while an unused driveway is covered in gravel and turned into an ersatz patio, complete with container garden. The good news is, however, that even in the smallest of spaces, growing a garden successfully is possible – deliciously so, if your intentions target vegetables and herbs. Whether you have space for multiple small pots (like the tiers in this garden photo) or just a couple of large pots, this is a great method for growing an herb garden indoors.
Many greenhouse styles and sizes are available on the market, or you can customize and build your own to fit your space perfectly. Box gardens are particularly versatile, because they can range in size and still be productive gardens, whether 1 square foot or 100 square feet. You can easily build your own boxes from scratch or simply use found ones – these creative gardeners are using wooden wine crates with great success!

Using found objects or inexpensive components like these Ikea pieces (including a spring-loaded curtain rod), you can create a wonderfully useful and pleasant indoor garden space across your window.
It takes up zero ground space but is a thriving, useful (and, with the flowers, beautiful) garden. If you’re interested in creating a similar garden for your small space, find the DIY instructions here.

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