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Gather up those wine bottles, water jugs, paint chips and mason jars - these crafts from recycled materials are so exciting and innovative.
These out-of-the-box examples of art from recycled materials will quickly catch your eye and spark your creativity. Save up those Mason jars and use them to create everything from recycled art projects for kids to home decor crafts. We’ll be adding all of your ideas to our Craft Challenge Pinterest page so you can see all the projects.
These recycled crafts for kids are also super easy and fun, so adults will enjoy making them too. These supplies are anything but cheap and that's reflected these examples of easy things to make out of recycled materials.

Check out these 17 Easy Crafts with Mason Jars and find out why the craft world is gaga for glass! Try out these fun craft projects using recycled materials that you probably have laying around the house. Grab an old cereal box or an empty water jug and get ready to turn your recycles materials into pieces of art.
Not only is it good for the environment to reuse something, but it’s also the ultimate in budget crafting. These genius crafts from recycled materials will spark your creativity and motivate you to make more amazing projects. Don't get stuck in a crafting rut - get inspired and dig into your recycling bin to jump-start your creativity.

Recycled art projects are fun for any age, but kids will especially love getting a little dirty and trying something new. Whether you're interested in crafty home decor items or DIY gifts for a friend, there are plenty of creative recycle art projects for you to try.

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