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They also have a Pinterest Board for manufactured home porch ideas which is where I found the following photos and while lots of the homes were originally featured on Mobile Home Living, I had never thought to collect all the great porches we’ve had on here and put them in one collection. Aside from being a great gathering place for family and neighbors,  porches have many other advantages – extended living space and energy savings are two of the best.
Building a porch or deck onto a manufactured home is a bit easier than building onto a site built house. The single wide below was one of the first featured home that I featured on Mobile Home Living. The website mentioned previously, Front Porch Ideas and More, featured this great double wide porch.
The double wide below is one of the most popular featured homes here on Mobile Home Living. Please consider letting me feature your remodels, room makeovers and home improvement projects.
I stumbled on your site today by doing a search of mobile home makeovers and I greatly appreciate your posts! BHG calling a manufactured home a trailer house would not be considered rude if it was an old issue. Hopefully I can get more great resources published that helps you and thank you very much for commenting!

I have been reading your website for about 2 years now.I found it when trying to find information about remodeling a manufactured home. DonateWe refuse direct advertising from manufactured home builders and dealers because we want to remain a voice for the people, not the industry. They feature beautiful porches on all types of homes and have lots of great tips and advice on the subject. Add a covered porch to a factory built home and you can make it look just like a traditional site-built home (if that’s what you want). You can design the roof to simply continue down from the homes roof pitch which is what they did.
It’s special to me because we bought our single wide without knowing the manufacturer so I began researching online and came across this home – its an almost exact replica of our home! It’s perfect because this home happens to be right beside a beautiful river and the view is awesome! It’s a great home with lots of customization, including a wrap-around porch that runs the entire length of the front of the home and the width.
There's simply not enough inspiration available for manufactured homeowners and I want to change that. I wanted to remodel and decorate but I couldn’t find much on mobile homes, so I started MHL, some how it caught on and now I get to be inspired every day!

I have been thinking about adding a porch to my manufactured home for a while now and this has inspired me to take on the project. I’m always looking for new homes and projects to feature, I bet you have a gorgeous home (hint, hint)! You can see the original home in the lower right corner – the transformation is gorgeous! If you have a great porch or deck on your mobile or manufactured home please share it with us – we can always use more ideas and inspirations! I have been searching and searching for a new home idea that is off the grid and affordable. These homes and homeowners really know how to make a house a home and I’m sure yours is no different. I live for rehab and DIY I can hardly wait to transform my new home from a manufactured home. When they began building them larger and set them up permanently they were called manufactured homes.

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