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Here is a list of some structures and decor you can design into a cottage garden to set the mood and underscore the theme. Using black or powder-coated wrought iron is also a good way to design a cottage feel to your landscape. Jane GatesBackyard Living ExaminerJane Schwartz Gates is a landscape designer, garden coach, horticulturist, licensed landscape contractor and garden columnist. Use the same materials repetitively throughout the landscape to give your garden balance and continuity.

Or convert old tubs, watering cans or other container forms into ideal places to fill with flowering bulbs and annual color.
They can also become supports for romantic vines to clamber over and to help define the cottage effect. Her focus is on 'painting with plants' by helping people design and build beautiful eco-friendly landscapes. Or you can get a little creative and choose a bright color that will make an artistic statement like blue, purple or pink.

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