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I have been wanting to kick off the idea of a thread club for a little while now and 14 being my lucky number, it is the year for good things. Here are a couple of photos where you may see some of these exciting new things that all deserve a blog post each.
Here at Cottage Garden Threads, we strive to produce high quality dependable products that undergo several processes to ensure colour and light fastness. These instructions will now be printed on the back of the threads card packaging so you will always have them close by. This simple yet effective stitchery quilt uses only three skeins of thread, Waratah stranded and Perle 12 as well as Cloudy Day stranded. We are very excited to announce the debut of the first Cottage Garden Threads stitchery pattern. It has become a weekly ritual of mine to make a hot chocolate with marshmellows, snuggle into the couch with a blanket, some stitching and watch the new series Downton Abbey. My favorite character so far is Sybil and sorry to spoil it for anyone who hasn't caught the latest episode but the scene where she walked out in her self designed, fashion forward harem pants, exposed ankes and no laced stays (gasp) was  classic!
Here is just another quick sneak peek of the Sweet Liberty embroideries for the quilt to be released in July.

The threads at Cottage Garden come in different weights of perle cotton and in stranded floss.
I don’t use overdyed threads a whole lot in my stitching, but occasionally, the bug bites, and I feel obliged to indulge!
Cottage Garden Threads are distributed primarily in Australia, but there are some stockists world wide, if you want to look for them. Mary, would love to see a column one day on your thoughts on how you decide what threads to use on what projects. Another fantastic range in Australia is Colour Streams, by Robyn Alexander, a huge range of silks and colours makes you want to eat them too.
I have not long ago purchased quite a number of these threads and had a little play with them. I have also sent email to Cottage Garden threads but as yet had no reply to obtaining threads in USA. Please use these instructions to care for your completed work using Cottage Garden Threads and Trims.
Thread and trim kits along with patterns will be available for wholesale purchase next week or pre order as of now.

You are as much if not more, of an enabler than I am… and around my neck of the woods, I’ve got that title locked down! We are so lucky to have these threads on our doorstep just makes you want to stitch and stitch. If you would like to purchase them, ask your local cottage garden threads stockist to order one in for you or contact us and we can hook you up with your nearest retailer.
I think it’s really neat to read on their blog what inspires the colors of their threads. Now I can suggest all sort s of BBC movies and series to my friends who are so late to discover the wonderful world of romantic and sometimes not so romantic past eras.

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