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When you undertake a new landscaping project, one of your primary concerns is the quality of the materials you’ve selected. Although the focus of this website is Landscape Architecture in the Project Delivery Design function, Caltrans landscape architects are a diverse group of professionals whose skills are applied in many different functional offices and divisions throughout Caltrans Headquarters and the twelve district offices including: Environmental, Stormwater, Project Management, Office Engineer, Construction, Maintenance, Permits, and Local Assistance. Landscape architects are also uniquely skilled in developing sketches, drawings, and photo simulations of proposed transportation improvements that are not only useful for the planning and design process but also serve as valuable communication tools when working with state and local agencies, the public, and other stakeholders. The Landscape Architecture PS&E Guide (Guide) provides guidance specific to preparing planting and irrigation plans, specifications and estimates.
The online version of the Guide is accessible on the Landscape Architecture Program’s (LAP) website. This LAP website also provides contact information for the Headquarters LAP staff and the District Landscape Architects.

Landscape Architecture recognizes the effects that transportation facilities have on local communities and encourages the integration of these facilities into their context to reflect the aesthetic, environmental, scenic, and cultural values of the affected community. A transportation art mosaic on Route 41 in Fresno depicts the character of a local scenic landscape. Landscape architects minimize visual impacts to California’s cultural and scenic resources. Landscape architects protect and preserve the state’s environmental resources by preserving and restoring natural ecosystems and endangered species, preventing soil erosion and stormwater pollution by providing erosion control and biofiltration, and conserving water by planting drought tolerant plants and irrigating with recycled water when available. Landscape architects also provide design expertise in the replacement of existing native or non-native vegetation that is removed by roadway construction activities.
Highway planting must be buildable, durable, and maintainable, considering life cycle costs and maintenance resource limitations.

Effective management of the roadside improves worker safety and reduces ongoing maintenance efforts and cost. Landscape architects work with the Project Development Team (PDT) to develop strategies to implement permanent and temporary erosion control treatments into all construction projects.

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