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The rebar stakes need to be pounded into the ground at least 18″ and then welded to steel edging. What I really want is COR-TEN steel edging like my fake boyfriend Blake Dollahite’s got going on.
Corten is great for certain installations like commercial planter application to minimize the rusting. If you want talled than 12″ you will have to get full sheets fo steel sheared and then weld them together. We're seeing Corten steel's natural rust finish on fences, raised garden beds, and retaining walls. ZAM® is high grade steel coated with a beautiful looking patented blend of Zinc, Aluminum & Magnesium capable of withstanding the most severe environment. In tests conducted by the French corrosion’s institute ZAM® has been shown to dramatically out perform galvanised steel in highly corrosive situations like marinas, boat sheds, industrial environments and even pool and spa areas.
What this means is ZAM®’s satin like finish gives a much brighter cleaner look compared to galvanised steels ‘mottled look’ and thanks to the process that goes into creating ZAM® that finish will last for many years to come and look as stunning as the day you installed it, adding value and aesthetic appeal. In garden edging applications our New ZAM® Steel alternative gives you a bright modern finish perfect for enhanced clean straight lines but thanks to our patented FormBoss design is also perfect for beautiful sweeping curves.
The ZAM® coating on our steel edging uses the Nishin Steel R&D Laboratory’s specially developed blend of Zinc, Aluminium and Magnisium.

Since galvanised steel is used in construction globally to withstand the harshest conditions this makes ZAM® considerably more valuable and long lasting and is quickly being adopted as the premiere product for high quality and long lasting finishes. Gardening professionals will find ZAM® one of the most cost effective and versatile edging products ever developed.
ZAM® is scratch resistant, lighter and easier to work with than Galvanised steel and compatible with concrete which means that how you use it is only limited by your imagination. Whether you are adding value to your own home or creating a masterpiece of garden design for a client ZAM®’s premiere finish and durability will advertise your landscaping acumen for years to come and enhance the beauty of your home for life.
About 70% of the steel edging we sell is galvanised, as it is slightly cheaper than the Corten Steel and will last longer under most conditions.
We supply budget edging that will suit most standard applications, we also supply industrial strength gauges that will be extremely strong and last up to 40 years in the ground. Weathering steel, best-known under the trademark CORTEN steel, is a group of steel alloys which were first developed to eliminate the need for painting.
Corten Steel will appear blotchy for several months before you get a nice even coating of colour. Since the release of our corten ranges a couple years ago, it has become incredibly popular, especially in larger profile heights.
We’ve provided you with a guarantee to ensure you have peace of mind. FormBoss™ is guaranteed to stand the test of time, regardless of the steel finish.

These metals are bonded to the surface of the steel creating corrosion resistance at least 3 times that of Galvanised steel. Our New ZAM® edging will create a finish you can be proud of, and that will continue to look brilliant, for many years to come. Galvanised steel edging blends in very well, grey is a neutral colour and doesn’t take the focus off the plants and lines of the garden, it just creates flawlessly separated contrasts in your design. This is because the steel forms a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather, which regenerates continuously over the steels life. We do not actively stock stainless steel garden edging on the shelves, as we have more cost efficient alternatives that offer very similar corrosion resistance.
Over time you may nick the edging with the mower, or notice some surface rust if you’ve had it for long enough.
Talk to us about your project, since we’re not actively stocking stainless edging when you order you get to choose a gauge, profile, as well as the grade of stainless steel (multiple available).
We pride ourselves in being able to provide a custom metal garden edging solution for every customer.

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