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Whether your kids are into Minecraft or not, this article is sure to get them outside for a fun adventure. My kids have been creating adventure maps on Minecraft for a long time now, so I thought it would be fun to create a real-life adventure map in our backyard. This fun activity caused my kids to abandon their friends on Skype and leave their Minecraft characters at the mercy of Creepers and Zombies—for a little while, at least.
A backyard adventure map is essentially a treasure hunt, but in addition to finding clues, you throw in a few activities and riddles to make the quest a little bit more difficult, just like in Minecraft! A backyard adventure map is quick, easy and inexpensive to create, but it does require a little planning and, if you’ve got one, a willing collaborator.
If you don’t have a big backyard, look for simple, everyday items you can use to hide clues.

To make sure the game flows, it’s a great idea to have at least one collaborator on hand to drop hints in case anyone is having trouble figuring out the clues and riddles. We had a lot of fun creating and following our backyard adventure map and the older boys are now keen to collaborate on the next quest. My daughter JUST asked me if I had any ideas for her upcoming birthday party and she and her friend are addicted to Minecraft! Another way to do treasure hunts with the kids outside of the backyard is to get involved with geocaching. If you don’t have a backyard at all (for instance, if you live in an apartment), you can place clues inside the apartment in different rooms, inside books or boxes, or go down to a local park and set the game up there.
I have a 11 year old son that loves minecraft and I always tell him to go outside and play.

Totally motivated to get my kids off the ipad and using the MineCraft angle to tie into real life is something I plan to do this weekend! All 3 of my boys (ages 17 to 7) love Minecraft and this would be fantastic to get the older ones to take the younger one on an adventure!
I used to have an indoor Pirate Treasure Map game (very similar to your idea) but outside is even better!

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