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Many gardeners have found good success growing vegetables in protected but sunny indoor locations, in an Arizona room, or in a passive solar greenhouse.
If you have problems with gophers, ground squirrels and rabbits eating you out of house and home, containers can often be placed where these hungry pests cannot get at them.
Vegetable gardens in containers can be a little touchy about their growing conditions, so it is important to pay attention to detail. Most plants will grow well in a porous, fairly rich, soil mix, and vegetables are no exception. Your container vegetable garden will require regular watering and a moderately humid environment so you will have to pay particular attention to your irrigation schedule.
Make sure that the fertilizer applied contains all three of the major nutrients commonly provided by commercial fertilizers. Plastic containers do not allow for the exchange of air and water through the sides of the container.

When beginning to garden in containers for the first time, it is advisable to start small and work up.
Container gardening can be an exciting experience for all who love fresh vegetable and do not have a lot of extra space to plant a regular garden. 15 is the day that we generally start growing leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and greens; and root crops like radishes, turnips and carrots. Many of these tasty vegetables can pass for decorative houseplants, while the leafy greens and root crops make an interesting display along side your regular indoor plants. While vegetables may be grown effectively in many different types of containers, it is important to know that healthy root systems are key to successful vegetable growth and development.
In these cases, it is important to monitor regularly the water content of the soil in the container and make sure that the medium does not stay sloppy wet all of the time.
It is generally best to go with the larger containers, especially those that have enough depth to allow the proper growth and development of the root systems.

Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons and leafy vegetables are some of the edible plants that can flourish in containers. Artificial container potting media will generally not provide large amounts of nutrient unless native desert soils are added. If space is a problem, or if you do not have time to care for a large garden, you can still enjoy fresh, home-grown herbs and vegetables by planting them in containers. The constant but light application will provide the plant with the necessary nutritional needs required for good growth in the containers.

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