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In theory, container gardening is a really simple way for everyone to dip their toes (or fingers) into gardening. There are no rules in container planting, but for the less, ahem, artistic people in the world (and the beginner container gardener), there are a few basic guidelines for designing an attractive container garden. 1 — The most basic container gardening design tip is to select planting materials that will grow as tall as the container they are planted in.
2 – If you want a calm and serene container garden, pick plants that are in the same color family, or choose plants with pastel flowers.
3 — Use the classic, thriller-filler-spiller method for designing your container gardens.
The key to this technique is to use 3 different types of plants to make your container really stand out. To make your container stand out using this technique you will need to plant three different types of plants in it: thrillers, fillers and spillers. It’s best to put thrillers at the back of the container though some people choose to put them in the center. It is a great way to make a container colorful and to make it appear rich and full of healthy plants.

On a little more imaginative side, any items that would have adequate growing space for the plants you are choosing can be excellent prospects for a container garden, such as galvanized wash tubs, antique watering cans, etc. It’s really important to understand how much sun or shade your container plants will receive. Most products with mycorrhizae have to be mixed into planting soil, but Flower Thrive is a soil drench that can be applied any time to container plants.
You may use foliage plants of flowering plants as thrillers – it depends on your personal choice.
If you put them in the back they will be viewed only from one side, so this is the best approach if you wish to put your container near a wall, to be viewed only from the front. Multiple containers also allow you to grow plants with different watering requirements next to each other. If you want the container to be viewed from all sides, it’s better to put thrillers in the center of the container.
It’s also possible to plant fillers midway between the edge of the container and the thriller. If you wish for container to be viewed from all sides, make sure to plant spillers on all sides of the container.

Container gardens are also a great place to experiment with the latest plant cultivars, combinations, and color schemes.
Some lush container plantings don’t use flowers at all, but rather plants prized for their foliage, interesting form, and texture such as coleus, Caladium, tropical house plants, and even some perennials such as hostas.
In case the container should be viewed only from one side, place spiller in the front of the container. Plants do not like having their roots sit in water, so be sure to drill a few holes in the bottom of the container if needed.
Also keep in mind if you don’t care for how something looks, containers allow you to change your design with little effort or expense—perfect conditions for gardeners who like to be creative in their landscape! Try to avoid placing your container plants far from a garden hose if they are to be in direct sunlight. And while you want excess water to drain from the planter, keep in mind that containers need a little more care and watering than a flower bed.

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