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I posted this on the Vegetable forum and got one answer but thought people in this forum might have more experience in container growing than those of us who grub around in garden soil. Since I have heavy red clay, I've been planning to grow onions to full maturity in ProMix in some large bins so they have nice loose soil to expand in.
I haven't been able to find anything about a recommended depth of soil for onions other than at the link below.
I know of people who grow onions in Earth boxes and those have a 6" potting mix depth. I had to do some digging for the information but did find the site below, UC-Davis, and have decided to go with a 12 inch depth of soil for onions in my container. It's my understanding that onion SETS don't do as well as onion transplants, often producing very small onions, sometimes large ones, depending on several factors. Some people remove the soil around the tops of onions after a while to keep an eye on how large they grow, so I don't think FT planted his on top of the soil, but he'll have to answer you himself!
I'm growing Alisa Craig this year, i guess they are world record sized onions or something like that.

Stock photos of beans, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, corn, cucumber, kale, lettuce, onion, peas, peppers, potatoes, radishes, squash, tomatoes. As a bit of a lark over Winter here in San Jose, I planted 2 EarthTainers with Maui onion seeds, and Candy onion seeds. As the 'Tainers were idle over the Winter awaiting tomato plants in April, I thought I would give the onions a whirl and see what happens in the Spring.
Re maturity dates: Some people harvest full sized onions like your Candy onion as smaller scallions.
The onions in the pots are doing much better than the ones in the garden and will be ready to harvest soon. I thought that might be fine for a raised bed but didn't sound like enough growing medium for onions in a container.
The package (Candy onion) said 90 days, but I really don't see how they will be ready for harvest 45 days from now. It just notes that in the varieties of onions they observed, the roots reach as deep as 39 inches!

The containers were about 6 inches deep and I buried the set so just a tiny bit of the top was sticking out of the mix. Whether it's relevant or not, it appears that onion roots for the most part spread laterally rather than vertically, so I'm wondering how important vertical space is for them. Now having seen franktank232's GORGEOUS photo I noticed all the onions are on TOP of the soil. My family goes through lots of yogurt, and I have always just recycled the empty containers.

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