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Here are his elegant creations.RefinedEvergreens are a staple in winter pots, but here, their bushy habit is blended with tall branches and earthy tones. Jim started with a ring of cedar and pine around the edge of the container, then pushed the birch logs into the centre to create a focal point. The arrival of March means that winter is finally coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner!
Many plants can also serve as food sources for birds, so choosing plantings wisely can not only provide shelter but will also entice birds with a natural food source. Container gardens offer so much versatility.  They are re-usable, inexpensive and properly planted, can provide color from march to november!  The trick is to replant the container with each new season. Finally, to dress the house up for the holidays, take spent flowers out, cut back perennials, and replace with fresh greens.  Boughs of fresh pine, hemlock and fir look great when contrasted with holly, variegated eunomous or even twigs of white birch branches. A raised bed garden is a garden that is above ground and contained in an area with high sides.

Though you may be dreaming of Spring blossoms already, winter will still be around for a few more months and there are bound to be several cold snowy or rainy days. Many folks just empty their plant containers for the winter months and let them sit idle until warm weather beckons. Combine these with some snippets of berry-producing shrubs such as highbush cranberry, barberry, rose hips, flowering crabapples and other shrubs and small trees for a beautiful pop of winter color. Tufts of snow that form upon the seed heads of perennials such as sedum, coneflowers, hydrangeas, goldenrod, asters and others bring a form and grace all their own to containers.
Create stunning winter container displays by inserting pretty, exfoliating birch tree branches, grapevine wreaths and spheres, large pinecones, eucalyptus, and even fruit such as red & green apples to the mix.
For the best results, learn which birds are present in your local area and choose foods to attract them to your yard. More dense plant growth is popular with small and medium bird species, while larger birds prefer perches where they can scan nearby areas for predators and other dangers.
Many birds prefer to nest in natural locations, but manmade sites can also be attractive and may be easier for birders to enjoy.

For the best results, learn what types of nests your regular backyard birds prefer and offer nesting sites that are suitable for their needs. The idea of a raised bed is to build above ground, where you don’t have to battle against poor soil and bad drainage, where you have total control over the soil texture, contents and drainage. Junipers that come in gold, blue and silver make a delightful winter scene, along with golden arborvitae, Colorado blue spruce and berry-producing yews. While it’s not quite an ideal time to start planting your spring garden outside just yet, there are plenty of steps you can take to plan and get your plants off to a great start indoors while you await warmer, longer days that will promote beautiful blossoms outdoors. By providing food, water, cover, and places for wildlife to raise their young, backyard gardeners can make a difference, even during the cold winter months.
However, if you have a windy location, you may want to stake the tree for just the first year so it doesn’t blow over.

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