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Privacy - Its hard to relax and really enjoy your hot tub if the neighbors are staring at you. Whether you are planning to add a hot tub to an existing deck, or building a new deck for that hot tub, you obviously will need to design and build it to support a great deal of weight.
If you are modifying an existing deck to accomodate a hot tub, the engineer will need the specifications of the existing deck as well.
If you're really lucky, and at least part of your deck is close to the ground, you may be able to cut a hole in the deck and place your hot tub on the ground through the hole. In order to recess your hot tub into your deck, you will essentially need to build a seperate deck, or a platform, to support the hot tub itself.
If you are going to modify an existing deck to accomodate a recessed hot tub, you will need to cut a hole in the deck and construct a platform for the tub below that hole. If you plan to have your hot tub at ground level, like on a patio or a slab, you can use the same technique to create a hot tub deck surrounding the tub. If your deck is too close to the ground, or if if the safety concerns eliminate a fully recessed hot tub deck design, you may consider placing your hot tub directly on the surface of the deck. This type of installation is less expensive - since there is no hole cut into the deck and there will be a standard one level deck design.
Backyard Design Ideas - Proudly serving the Lake Norman area of Central North Carolina including the following towns and counties; Mooresville, Troutman, Charlotte, Statesville, Mt. Don't forget to download this concrete patio designs with hot tub for your home design ideas, and view full page gallery as well. If you have the option, placing the hot tub on the ground is generally the best and easiest way to support the weight.

You've taken care of the deck strength issue and you're ready to choose a design for your hot tub deck. Unless you don't have room, consider building your hot tub platform adjacent to your existing deck. Since the top of the hot tub will be at ground level, you'll want to be especially careful with the walking area around your hot tub. You don't have to do everything at once, but you don't want to create a problem for your overall design by failing to think and plan.
The engineer will need the specifications for the hot tub in order to design for it, so have that information readily available. As far as the placement of the hot tub itself onto the deck, you have three options; 1- place the hot tub directly on the surface of the deck, 2- recess the tub into a hole in the deck, with the rim just above deck level, and 3- partially recess the tub into the deck - somewhere between #1 and #2. When the hot tub is placed on the platform, the rest of the deck is at the higher level and is built to the edge of the tub.
Getting into and out of the hot tub will be easier since the lip of the tub will be closer to the deck surface. You'll also need water of course, but that can usually be handled with a garden hose easily enough. If your hot tub is placed on the ground, you will not need the tub platform, but the rest of the process is the same.
By building a series of steps you get your deck level up to the level of the rim of your hot tub. You will not be able to move the tub easily, but if you're careful with the initial positioning that isn't likely to be an issue.

Nobody will accidentally walk into the hot tub - well, except for Uncle Lenny, but again, that's different. Don't place your hot tub between your outdoor kitchen area and the area where you will eat and entertain. But nevertheless, you have got to be able to make it true and swimsuit it with your interest. It is usually easy to combine and match with nearly any kinds of any home decoration stuffs. A competent deck builder should be able to work with a structural engineer and incorporate that service into their overall project cost. But if conditions prevent you from doing that, you can cut a hole and drop the hot tub into it. And you will be able to move the hot tub to another location should you want to, provided the new location will support the weight. Most hot tubs are available with an attractive surround, so your hot tub will still look nice. DO NOT just put a hot tub on your existing deck - unless that deck was designed for the weight.

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