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With all the research and planning done for your new garden design, it is time to think of construction and to find the necessary materials.
Fat sections of the tree trunk, cut into short lengths, can make the supports for an informal seat which can be made from an old plank, an oblong of paving, (either stone or concrete) or perhaps the marble top of an old washstand. I am sure you can find some great economic gardening ideas for paths – almost anything can be used to make paths and terraces when you are using economic gardening methods.
Bits of plastic plumbing can be used for water gardening, if well hidden by lush planting, while stripped-out iron piping will make very strong supports for all sorts of plants.
Economic gardening ideas for container gardening is simple – chimney pots, clay or earthenware drain-pipes, disused sinks and lavatories can all be used as containers and are great ideas for saving money.
When gardening on a budget, and having used up all the bits and pieces that are lying around the house and garden, turn your eyes further afield for, as I have said before, skips and tips are the obvious places to start.

If you are gardening on a tight budget you may find that many of these may be already on site, but in disguise.
Plastic sheeting could be used to make a garden pool; it might not last for ever but would serve for a while.
If they are large and unbroken they will make a splendid top for a garden table, as will those large slabs of slate that were used to roof the outside toilet. Lengths and off-cuts of wood can be used for a wide range of garden projects – containers, fencing, trellises, summerhouses and far pavilions. The most likely discoveries will be soil, bricks, timber and containers of all sorts, but in time you may find turf, tiles, paving, statues, garden furniture and every kind of plant from trees to water-lilies. Use the builder’s sand to spread over hardcore, under paths and terraces, or to line the garden pool to make a smooth base for the plastic liner.

If you are making a sunken garden, the earth removed can be spread over the raised area to double the depth in half the time. If there is not enough material in your garden, search through skips, the council tip and odd corners of builders’ yards and demolition sites. These are still being broken up and thrown into skips so that a concrete screed can be laid over a damp proof course. Some councils have old paving stones or granite setts to sell, but more often they sell them in bulk to large garden centres where you can buy them at a price.

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