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Click to enlargeFor commercial sized planters that fit your project specs to a tee, Planters Unlimited specializes in the design and manufacture of commercial planters in various materials. Armeria is the proud supplier of rotationally molded polymer resin planters, outdoor lighting, and refuse receptacles. Our planters, lighting, and waste containers are utilized in applications requiring high quality, heavy duty products that will not chip, crack or break for over ten years. Armeria's planters, lighting, and waste receptacles represent a viable lightweight alternative to traditional products of clay, concrete, aggregate materials, or metal. Arranged here according to popular applications, we feature commercial landscape planters and interior containers that are available for purchase online. Armeria's product line's market is the Landscape Architect community mainly in commercial projects.
In addition, our team of experienced project managers can partner with clients to create custom commercial planters for a range of applications.

Our commercial landscape planters are found outside restaurants, on the grounds of high-end resorts and lining city boulevards and parkways.
Our commercial size planters are made from a range of quality grade materials including fiberglass, composite PVC, metal and wood. From heavy-duty commercial landscape planters, to self-watering interior containers, Planters Unlimited has an answer to any design need – both functional and aesthetic.When choosing commercial landscape planters materials are especially important. A good example are the rotationally molded planters installed throughout Pedestrian Plaza in New York Times Square. Depending on the planned application and aesthetic vibe of a property, commercial sized planters should fit in while helping to delineate, enhance or cover up spaces. Of course, a commercial planters’ ultimate purpose is always to house healthy and vibrant growth and this idea is at the baseline of each container we design and manufacture. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, spas, retail spaces and more are on the client list at Planters Unlimited.

We have helped to make many a commercial exterior look beautiful, charming and teeming with life.In addition to commercial size planters for exterior applications, we also offer a range of containers that are suited to interior use in offices, shopping malls and hotels.
Our self-watering commercial planters feature a range of contemporary and modern designs that look striking when planted with simple green plants or bamboo.
While containers are broken out in this section according to their most popular applications or obvious design function, each of our commercial sized containers is versatile enough to go almost anywhere.
Made from fiberglass, composite PVC, wood or metal, we create planters that are not only beautiful, but also durable and low maintenance. Our goal is to provide options that embody the feeling of a commercial space while serving their function as a resilient planting container.In addition to products available for online purchase, Planters Unlimited also works on various custom commercial planters for a range of clients.

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