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While it's nothing compared to what our neighbors up north experience, Florida does get cold weather in the winter, and even freezes in some areas. Be ready to move tender potted plants to warmer, sheltered areas if a freeze or frost is predicted in your area. Winter temperatures in Florida are unpredictable; keep an eye on the weather so you can protect your plants.
Gardeners use many methods to protect plants from the cold, but some aren't practical and could even be hazardous. For more information on protecting plants during chilly weather in your area, contact your local county Extension office. A sudden, steep plunge in temperatures which we can get as early as November can bring about a freeze that includes winds, cold air masses, clouds and precipitation over a period of days as it moves across the state.
Plants that are permanently set in the landscape can receive some protection from semi-permanent structures such as polyethylene film-covered structures (hoop houses, for example), windbreaks, and mounds of soil or mulch heaped around the lower trunk. To learn more about how cold weather can damage your landscape and what to look for, read the following article posted on the University of Maryland’s Extension Service web site. Whether they're blooming through a crust of snow, or showing off their vivid colorsĀ­ while dropping temperatures force us indoors, hardy winter plants are doing more than just surviving when the winter rolls in; they're thriving. Proper planning and care can make the difference between the life and death of landscape plants.

Check your inventory of plant covers and frost blankets so that you'll be prepared when the time comes. Plants tolerate cold temperatures better and recover from injury faster when they're healthy.
Fertilizer application will encourage new growth, which is especially susceptible to cold injury. During a hard freeze, you can protect plants by covering them, but remember to drape the covers so that they completely touch the soil, so that ground heat can be trapped beneath. Cold-injured plants will sprout below the damage so you can accurately assess exactly where to prune.
The amount of radiation given to the plant by the sun is lost gradually during the night to the freezing point just before sunrise.
These garden inhabitants create interest, texture and a touch of the unexpected in the landscape when our springtime favorites are taking a long winter's nap -- and they do it with style.Let's take a look at 10 plants, trees and shrubs that can transform a barren, chilly landscape into a winter wonderland. Newly pruned plants are more susceptible to cold damage as well, so postpone pruning until spring. The water has to run continuously from before the freeze to several hours after temperatures rise for this method to protect plants. Frosts can be severely damaging as well, but normally only at the top or most exposed part of the plant.

For each plant, we'll discuss what it will look like in your garden, what type of soil and water it needs, where it should be planted, and some tips and tricks to give it a chance to excel. In North Florida, choose cold-hardy varieties or keep sensitive plants in containers that can be moved to a protected area.
We'll also look at what zones the plants do best in, according to the USDA Hardiness Zone Map. If your cold-sensitive plant is too large to cover completely, wrap the trunk with several layers of cloth or newspaper.
Additionally, the amount of water that home irrigation puts out can turn into the heavy ice, which can damage plants.
This map splits North America into 11 sections, numbered 1 to 11, with each section being 10 degrees Fahrenheit (12.22 degrees Celsius) warmer or colder than the next section.
Exercising a green thumb when you have to bury it in the snow takes dedication, but there are some plants that deserve the effort.

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