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The biggest question that new gardeners have this time of year is when to plant each vegetable in the garden. If you'd rather not do all of that work, I can recommend a great gardening aid for you - Clyde's Vegetable Planting Slide Chart.
Clyde developed the chart back in the late '90s while planning his own garden and the same printed version is still availible today.
Plus, the included Clyde's Garden Planner will give you the information necessary to get the seeds successfully started! An Excellent Premium or Promotional Item for Greenhouses, Lawn and Garden Centers, Bulk Seed Companies, and Hardware Stores! If your organization would like to purchase Clyde's Garden Planner in larger quantities, for resale, or as a premium or promotional item, bulk rates are available.

Most of the time people are looking for an actual date, but garden bloggers and garden books can't directly answer that question.When to plant depends on where your garden is located on the globe and when your area's last expected frost date is. Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS is still in its infancy and we would love for you to contribute to the project with feedback.
With Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS all your vegetable planting activities are displayed in a "time phased" format relative to your local frost dates.
With the extra screen real estate it is like holding an original Clyde's Garden Planner in your hand. With one of Clyde’s Gardening Starter Kits you can be well on your way to a beautiful and diverse vegetable garden in no time! Currently Clyde's Garden Planner for iOS only supports manual frost date entry, but an update is in the works!

Simply use the included Clyde’s Garden Planner to tell when to plant the included heirloom vegetable seeds!
The other side provides the info for fall gardening, which I really appreciate.I bought this little planner several years ago from Clyde at the Baker Creek Spring Festival in Missouri and have been using it ever since. If you like supporting the "little guy" instead of the big corporations, buy one of these planners from Clyde.

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