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Landscape borders and edging can help define different areas of your yard, hold in soil, line your walkway or simply give your garden a more polished look.
Plastic edging, also known as poly edging, is composed of flexible strips that are either smooth or corrugated and usually dark green, brown or black. A free option that doesn't require any materials at all, other than tools, is a natural Victorian edge, also called a Victorian trench, which is most effective around plant beds. Many border materials are expensive, but less expensive options are available, and some are free.
One free option is to use branches or timber from your own yard or that you find along the road. Plastic edging typically comes in 20-foot strips that may need to be cut to fit or in shorter pieces that snap together.

Check landfills or waste dumps for chunks of concrete you can break up with a hammer to create smaller pieces.
The least expensive form is the 3- to 4-inch-tall poly edging, although its lightweight nature means it's easily damaged by mowers. Boulders make for a more dramatic look and will appear natural as long as they are a similar size, shape and color with spacing them six to 12 inches apart to allow room for a ground cover to creep in between. For an exotic look, if you have access to coconut shells or seashells, line them up in trenches to form borders for your landscape.
Most garden designs nowadays use the concept of gardens that are cheap and low maintenance but beautiful and modern.
To get the cheap one we could re use the broken pavers by recycling them then we make them into a mosaic pattern as we like.

It might be hard in the beginning but after that we could enjoy our beautiful garden from year to year. It is not only combining flower or plants that we could play to make our garden beautiful but combining the grass is also another way to make your garden valuable.
Some grasses that we could try to be added at our garden are zoysia feather reed grass little bluestem flax and fountain grass.

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