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Although it is better to install edging in the garden design during the instalment only, but if you have not, it is not a big issue to add an edge or change the border of an existing garden. Brick landscape edging is the most popular option in which bricks are cemented in place or simply dug into the soil.
If you possess a cottage garden or country properties, then you can consider flagstone and cobblestone edging that can give a classic look to your garden.

This fantastic style of natural edging involves a low line of tough plants whose borders give a soft and natural look to the garden.
If you possess vegetable gardens, cottage gardens, rock gardens or any other informal garden, then you should opt for logs and sleeper for edging. These edges and borders are basically used as boundaries between the garden and paths, lawns and various landscaping features such as sculpture, fountains, ponds and adjacent garden beds.

The other alternative is to cement the bricks in place to form a raised line one brick high along the garden edge.

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