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Matt Chadwick; the President of Chadwick Outodoor Kitchens comes from an Architectural design background and founded this company to fill the void in the outdoor kitchen market. If your idea of the great outdoors is to cuddle up with a chilled beer while the briquettes come up to speed, you’re certainly in good company.
Although outdoor living has been trendy ever since the Weber kettle-style grill first appeared more than half a century ago, the alfresco movement has reached epic proportions in the last several years.
The fact that more Americans are cooking outdoors is impressive, but the real phenomenon is how they’re doing it. A typical Chadwick customer may ask for an entire bank of stainless steel cabinets topped with granite countertops and housed in an open-air structure featuring tile floors, ceiling fans, adjustable lighting and a food prep center.
From there, it’s possible to add sinks, refrigerators, wine coolers, warming drawers, deep fryers and icemakers — all UL-listed specifically for outdoor use.

Whether your looking for the elegant and clean look of stainless steel, stucco or stone outdoor kitchen you've come to the right place.
Today, more Americans than ever are taking advantage of backyard outdoor living, bringing their culinary skills — and just about everything else—with them. In fact, Weber’s Grill Watch Survey, an annual third-party study of outdoor home cooking, notes that spending on outdoor appliances is up more than 8 percent this year over last season, a remarkable figure given the recent state of the economy. The front-and-center position of these do-it-all outdoor appliances are one indication how important the world of the outdoor kitchen has become in American culture, and how outdoor cooking continues to evolve.
The overriding trend is bringing the entire kitchen experience outside — along with a good measure of dining and family room accouterment.
Chadwick estimates that a typical 10-foot-long run of one of his outdoor kitchens costs about twice that of an indoor kitchen, or $15,000 to $20,000.

Some, such as Danver, make cabinets that are sized to work with a variety of grilling units and outdoor appliances. In addition, the company has recently introduced a powder-coated finish that closely approximates wood grain, adding an entirely new dimension to the design of the outdoor kitchen.
A professional architect, Chadwick two years ago began to focus exclusively on the growing demand for outdoor kitchens.
Chadwick personally meets with our clients and designs a custom kitchen to fit their specific space and needs.

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