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Landscape Creations has been designing and building with landscape stone for over 20 years. Natural stone has a timeless beauty that will adorn any property, and is more durable than concrete pavers. Landscape Stone is basically available in two categories: Natural as Quarried or Fabricated Stone. For timeless design and superior installation of pavers, custom brick and stone components and landscape construction, call Landscape Creations for a FREE consultation at (630) 932-8966. Landscape Creations proudly serves Wheaton, Illinois and all of DuPage County as a Unilock® Authorized Contractor for the Chicago area. McLean County Asphalt & Landscape Materials offers a wide variety of landscaping rock, stone, gravel, boulders, pavers, screened dirt, topsoil, mulch and aggregates in many colors and sizes.

Our materials calculator makes it easy for you to see how much rock, stone, mulch, dirt or concrete will be required for your next project!
The use of stone in your landscape has endless opportunities such as Pathways, Walkways, Patios, Steps, Benches, Retaining Walls, Decorative Accents, or Gravel Streambeds. Natural stone is non-skid, even when wet; and continual moisture will not degrade its surface or wash out its color. Natural as Quarried Stone is irregular and inconsistent such as: Outcropping, Boulders, Flagstone, Wall Stone, and Decorative Gravel. Typically it is cut to size or machine fabricated, and is available in Natural, Thermal, Blasted, or Bush Hammered finishes. When designing with landscape stone, Landscape Creations may mix and mingle many different colors and types of natural stones to suit a specific application or to produce an overall look.

Properly installed, these stone enhancements will provide you with years of low maintenance enjoyment.
Come see why Lurvey is considered one of the premier Natural Stone Distributors in the nation.

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