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You can get a great sense of achievement from planting your vegetable garden, but keep in mind that your labors are by no means over when the seeds are in the ground. Guide to Vegetable Garden PestsVegetable gardens are under constant threat from diseases and insect infestations. Even a small garden of tomatoes and squash requires a certain amount of time and care.Vegetable Gardens Image GalleryThe benefits of a well-maintained, weed-free garden are immeasurable. Vegetables that have to compete with weeds for water and nutrients become frail and sickly; weeds can also harbor diseases and insect pests. To water your vegetable garden, you can use sprinklers, furrows, or a drip system.MulchingMulching the garden conserves moisture and suppresses weed growth. The end result will be great vegetables as well as a feeling of accomplishment.Staking VegetablesSome vegetable plants, particularly tomatoes, need extra support in order to grow well.

After preparing the soil for planting, cover it with black plastic; then cut small holes where you want to sow seeds or set out plants. Stakes, cages, and trellis systems can all help these plants grow tall and strong, supporting healthy plants and a good harvest.Weeding a Vegetable GardenWeeds rob water and nutrients from your vegetable plants, so it's very important to keep them at bay.
The best way to remove weeds is to chop off the top of the weed at ground level -- you may have to repeat this several times, but eventually the weed will die.Vegetable Garden MulchesOrganic and inorganic mulches can improve the texture of your soil and help keep weeds under control. You must be careful when applying mulches to make sure you don't damage your vegetable plants in the process.Watering a Vegetable GardenIf rainfall alone isn't giving your plants enough water, you'll need to consider watering options. If you encounter a problem not discussed here, contact your Cooperative Extension Office or knowledgeable nursery personnel for help.1.
There are several irrigation methods that can give you an easy solution to keeping your plants watered and healthy.Preparing a Vegetable Garden for WinterAfter your fall harvest, it's time to put the garden to bed for winter.

Preparing your garden at the end of the season will make it easier to start up your new garden next spring.Controlling Vegetable Garden PestsVegetable garden pests can destroy your crop, robbing you of your hard-earned harvest. There are many methods you can use to spot and eliminate garden pests.Guide to Vegetable Garden PestsDifferent types of vegetable garden pests attack different plants and can range from minor nuisances to major problems.
Many tomato hybrids, for example, are resistant both to verticillium wilt and to fusarium wilt, another disease caused by a soil-dwelling fungus. Rotate the location of crops from year to year to prevent the buildup of diseases and insects specific to certain plants in any one part of the garden.6.

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