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A row of Canadian Hemlocks behind a pool area make a perfect privacy screening year-round along with other popular evergreens such as Arborvitae. Such trees are fairly inexpensive compared to other more decorative and specialty trees that can be commonly found in landscapes around the area. All photo where taken by Parkview Landscaping and all work was done by Parkview Landscaping.
I just ran across your site because we just had a hemlock planted (looks much like your photos above, about 8 ft), and are scarred to death it is going to take over the side of the house it is near (about 10 ft from house)…. I just found this wonderful information about growing and trimming Canadian Hemlock, but it did not answer my question: My tree, planted about 3 years ago has reached a height of about 8 feet and has three trunks.
Have these hemlocks on three sides of our property for a total of approximately 250 feet of trees.

The majority of landscape plants have some sort of insect, mite, or disease issue that needs to be addressed on an annual basis. If you need help finding out how to protect your landscape plants, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Additional fencing may be installed around such landscaping techniques, making it a popular choice in many backyards. They come in a variety of colors and their proper placement will jazz up many landscapes as they emerge out of winter. Even with the best choices, you are wise to find a professional tree service that can design and perform a plant health care program that’s tailored to the specific plants in your landscape. Virtually every landscape plant, whether tree, shrub, or groundcover, has some potential problem when it comes to insects and disease.

If you’re going to have these in your landscape, you will need to spray them 4-6 times throughout the season with horticultural oils and labeled insecticides, just to keep them looking half decent. Make sure to find a company that employs Certified Arborists that know these challenges and how to help you and your landscape be successful.
If you want hemlocks in your landscape, you’re going to need to spray for these insects at least 3 times per season, and up to 6, depending how bad the pest populations are. If you plan on having these in your landscape, just understand you’ll need to spray them 3-5 times throughout the season with a labeled miticide.

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