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A landscape business can be lucrative, since there are plenty of homeowners who don't have the time, energy or skills to take care of their yards and design garden features. Remember that landscaping is hard physical work that sometimes demands working in extreme conditions.
Talk to an attorney, accountant or other reputable adviser about how to start a landscaping business. Hire someone to do office work or learn how to handle business basics like accounting and marketing. If you ever thought about selling your business, buying customer accounts, or buying businesses as a means of faster growth, then this book will show you how to do it the right way.

Beyond the basic gardening services like mowing, weeding and fertilizing, you can work as a landscaping designer or do advanced installations and planting.
Use office software and a printer to handle orders, correspondence and other business tasks.
If you have a green thumb and can do heavy labor, finding out how to start a landscaping business is the first step toward working at a job you love. However, if you have skills and experience as a landscaping designer, you can sell different gardening services.
Look into vinyl decals or painters to put the name of your landscape business on your truck and vehicles.

Ask permission to put up signs with your company name and number on lawns where you've provided landscaping and gardening services.

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