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Treated timber is the basis for many retaining wall designs.  They incorporate common materials with simple construction techniques. Stacked, square timbers tied back with deadmen perform similarly to many mechanically stabilized earth systems.  The lightweight timbers provide soft aesthetics without compromising durability. Cal-Sierra Fence has been providing retaining walls for both landscape and structural uses in the Sacramento Valley for 15 years. We can build your commercial or residential retaining wall using wood plank, keystone block, cinder block or rock. This influx of inexperienced retaining wall builders and the six year drought has led to a perfect storm of retaining wall failures which is now being realized as 2013 has delivered above average rainfall.
Small cosmetic retaining walls and those designed to retain potting soil are very different from those built to retain the earth. Because the earth constantly expands and contracts due to moisture and temperature changes, successful retaining wall systems require the design and supervision of a structural engineer who plans the important construction stages such as the proper pitch of the wall, soil fortification and water management systems that inexperienced retaining wall builders neglect. Our engineer’s plans will include every aspect of your retaining wall construction project including the exact amount of soil compaction and geogrid installation required to fortify the soil as each row of block or timber is installed.
Residential retaining walls are built using the same engineered retaining wall standards as bridges on interstates and other major commercial projects.
Invite our commercial retaining wall crew to bid on your commercial project in metro Atlanta and points north.

We can replace your rotten cross tie retaining wall with timber or with engineered retaining wall block. Our retaining walls and grading services are being successfully integrated into Alpharetta backyards to create more useable space for children's play areas, patios, outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces.
Retaining walls built to support driveways need to be especially sturdy as vehicles produce a great deal of weight which will be moving back and forth above them daily.
We have twenty five years of experience and always produce many references happy to show you our retaining wall and driveway work. We use a structural engineer to design professional residential and commercial retaining wall systems that support homes, bridges and even office complexes. This five foot tall timber retaining wall exhibited signs of failure just two days following its construction. Block walls provide many color and style choices; they also allow for curves that wood retaining walls do not. During that time hundreds of retaining walls were built by many whose industries were especially hard hit by the economic recession and who sought to subsidize their lost revenue by building retaining walls.
And we will build you a high quality, structural sound, long lasting retaining wall that is durable, functional, and will compliment your home and surroundings. With a retaining wall, there are lesser structural issues for the dirt and landscape is prevented from sliding.We will be giving you some landscape retaining wall ideas today.

Each of them made use of different materials and installed retaining walls in various manners.
Scroll down and check what we have collated for you today.Sculptural WallArterra LLP Landscape ArchitectsStone, ipe and concrete were combined beautifully to create a bold and contemporary landscape for this garden.
The retaining walls of stones with waterfalls give a creative touch to the yard.SF Retro ModernThe Garden Route CompanyA steep hillside was treated bold and textural free form plantings. The design is beautifully done with an inclined wall.AmblesideAvalon Northwest Landscape, LLCConcave plates were used for this so that the soil pressure from behind could push it more firmly into the boulders.
It is held in place with buried steel.Orinda ResidenceNick Noyes ArchitectureAn above pool and patio is located below the retaining walls.
The retaining walls also looked great with a wooden look.LonguevilleSecret GardensSecret Gardens will never fail to impress us. This garden is beautifully done with retaining walls, stairs and a variety of plants.Now, you will certainly agree with us that there are indeed different ways to make a retaining wall. You can also use different materials for it because a retaining wall doesn’t just work for its function but it can also be an added decoration to your garden.

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