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Creating a beautiful garden oasis around a swimming pool has several interesting challenges. There are many varieties of plants that satisfy the need for cleanliness and are also luxuriant, colorful and look great around a swimming pool. Not only perfect for a tropical setting, the following plants can readily cross over into other design schemes, adding foundation and clean, brilliant color with their foliage instead of their flowers. What to Think on Picking Pool Landscaping Plants : Best Pool Landscaping PlantsPool landscaping plants should be considered carefully in order to decorate a good looking pool at your home.
You want plantings to be colorful and lush, reflecting the ambience of the water they surround, but you don’t want litter to blow into the swimming pool, causing frequent maintenance that requires a lot of hand skimming and filter cleaning.
A tropical plant pallet is ideal for e enhancing the relaxed feel of the swimming pool area and decking.
As the flowers die off, they stay on the plant until clipped off, keeping them out of the swimming pool.
A pool in your backyard with a table and couches is indeed a nice place to relax yourself or having a nice chitchat with your family or visitors.
For these reasons, The Green Scene selects varieties of plants that satisfy the need for cleanliness and are also luxuriant, colorful and look great around a swimming pool. However, it still feels incomplete if the pool is not decorated especially with living creatures like plants.

You can acquire Best Pool Landscaping Plants guide and read the latest What to Think on Picking Pool Landscaping Plants in here. Pansy, Lobelia, Marigold, Blue Salvia and many others can liven up a space with fast growing, bright color without dropping their petals, allowing you to spend your time relaxing by the swimming pool instead of cleaning it!
If you think that you don’t have much time to do gardening things nor want to hire a gardener, several plants are available with no much effort on taking care of them.Types of Pool Landscaping PlantsThere are several tips for you on choosing landscaping plants which is well suited to your pool. With its ultra long stems with hairy green pom-poms, the Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) also provides interest and a good background to other tropical plants like Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae), Fortnight Lily (Dietes vegeta) and the classic plant associated with Hawaii, the Hibiscus (Hibiscus chinensis).
First of all, if the surrounding of your pool is covered with ceramics and there will be no more space to put any plants, you can think of putting some of them with pots. If you face this case, you only need to place some large flower pots around the pool but don’t place too many of them and pick some plants that don’t grow small but also not so large such as papyrus, lily or sunflower plants.
Named because of its resemblance to a colorful bird in flight, this plant offers a great way to add some variety to your pool landscape.Honeysuckle.
However, if the pool is surrounded with soil, you don’t need to worry pretty much about the placing.The next thing for you to be considered is the safety. This pretty twining vine is sweetly scented and can be trained up a fence surrounding your pool, giving you more privacy without compromising aesthetics.Japanese blood grass.
Some plants have thorns on them and you don’t want to injure your visitors or family because of those plants.

Therefore, those kinds of plants such as roses, despite their stunning looks, should be reconsidered.
The last thing you need to know is when you are about to pick a big plant or tree for the landscaping around the pool. Growing up to 16 feet with bright stems bursting from the top in a firework-like pattern, papyrus is a good choice for a background plant.Daylily.
Daylilies come in many different colors and styles, giving homeowners a lot of room for creativity when including them in landscaping. If you want a plant that can provide a bit of shade without dropping tons of debris into your pool, try the Queen Palm.
Keep in mind that this palm grows quickly and can reach a height of 49 feet, so make sure you have room in your yard before planting it.Agapanthus.

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