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The plants included just came from the grower and are all blooming and pest-free.  They are beautiful and ready to go!
These are shorter trailing plants that are planted toward the outer edges to that they will spill over the sides of the container.  They could be flowering plants that complement the Fill layer, or they could be non-flowering with a focus on the foliage.  There are some Spill plants that are actually more like Thrill in terms of their interesting foliage!
Know what type of sun exposure your container will get and pick your plants accordingly.  Be sure that they also have similar watering needs. Know what plants are appropriate for your Zone (area).  For the most part, nurseries and garden centers carry plants that are appropriate for your area, but if you travel to another area and want to purchase a plant, be sure that it will survive in your home climate before buying! Larger sized plants tend to be heartier than the small six-packs, so if possible, use larger plants.  Doing so will also help your container look more established.
This page is a valuable and eye-opening tool that will aid you with many garden ideas in planning your container flower garden design.

Go from Pictures of Flowers to the Ideas For Container Gardening MenuDiscover more Container Gardening ideas today! Click on the links below to see some great pictures, stories and tips about Growing in containers. A striking cobalt blue glazed container makes a statement on its own and needs very little else to do so. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Container Gardens in Shopping Cart, Broken Doll, Barbie Car and More! If you love gardening and outdoor living like we do,A bookmark our site or click here toA subscribe to the blog. Get inspired with our easy-to-follow container garden recipes for breathtaking floral displays.

We thank you in advance.Below are only a couple of examples, but there are plenty more if you just click on any of the Photo Page links below.These garden photos are sure to inspire you and make you want to plant, plant, plant!
The bluish tints in the container itself, serve as a great colorful accent!Never be afraid to use the color of the gardening containers as part of your container garden design.For many more Inspirational pictures of flowers, sure to enlighten your mind into a blast of creativity, be sure to click on any of the links below. Some of the photos will have the names of the flowers, while some will not.Flower gardening in container gardens is truly a joy.
The striking blue of the garden container would be enough of a contrast to offset the natural beauty of the flowers.

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