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Lines are a powerful design element that define rooms and connect people to the landscape.For a professional touch, use sweeping bold lines and curves rather than small zigzags and small wavy curves.
Absolute scale relates the comparative value of landscape elements to a fixed structure (house).
Grouping for best effect – Kidney or crescent shaped groupings create a natural flowing design. One of the easiest landscape ideas do, and that we always use when designing a garden or landscape is as follows: a lawn with plants transform the actual point of view.

It is also a non-selective treatment, which means it will injure or kill desirable plants if you overspray them so it works best in non lawn areas like gardens and landscaped areas. We installed a stone walkway and planted shade loving plants in landscape beds around the trees. Today we are wrapping it all up by installing the new sod and sharing 10 Rules Every Homeowner Should Follow When Landscaping.  Growing up, my Dad prided himself on how well groomed his yard was.
Unless you are designing a formal garden, avoid designing beds with sharp curves and angles.

Additionally design so that the distance between the different elements of your landscape are far enough apart that your mowers and other equipment have room to maneuver through. Now once you get into double digits you can relax the rule slightly but I’ve always strived for odds unless planting species like ivy, vinca and other ground cover.

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