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Barberry shrubs grow about 2 to 4 meters in height though there is a dwarf variety that is much shorter in height. Barberry has very attractive, multi-colored foliage that can be gold, bright green or burgundy. Barberries are found in subtropical and temperate areas of Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. The bright, lustrous Barberry bushes add a rare beauty to gardens and landscapes that make for a lovely spectacle for the beholder. In Indian folk medicine, Barberries were highly valued and were used to cure many health problems such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, fever and stomach upset.
The bark, berries and root are the main parts of the shrub that are used for medicinal cure.
Barberry has been found to be quite effective in treating infection and swelling of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary tract and skin. Barberry has also been found effective in treating stomach ailments like Traveler’s Diarrhea and Diarrhea from food poisoning. It is best to consult a professional healthcare provider before using Barberry in children with diarrhea problems. Barberry benefits health by widening the blood vessels of the body and reducing high blood pressure.
The berries of this shrub are useful in treating inflammatory fever conditions like Typhoid. Gargling with a Barberry mouthwash can be useful in providing relief from Pyorrhea, sore throat, mouth irritation and throat irritation. Barberries are also effective in reducing sporadic fever, treating frailty and curing spleen problems. Barberry, like other herbs like Goldenseal and Oregon Grape, contains a highly effective compound Bereberine which works as a natural antibacterial and antifungal medicine. Though a natural herb, Barberry can give rise to various side effects in certain conditions. It is advisable that you consult an experienced doctor before using Barberry herbs as a cure for your ailments.
Barberries are rich in the chemical Berberine which boosts the immune system and cell functioning.
Barberries are a rich source of acids which helps flush extra water and toxins out of the physical system.

Unless you are wearing protective clothing, working with Barberry bushes can get you pricked by its thorns. A shrub that breeds and spreads quicker than other plants is known to be a member of Invasive species. Answer: The best time for cutting back both shrubs is early spring before new growth begins. If you want your spirea shrubs to rebloom, you could shear them right after they bloom and you should get a more flowers in fall. Pruning Barberry: Of all the varieties of barberry bush, Japanese barberry is the most common. The evergreen forms of barberry (the ones that don’t lose their leaves) need to be pruned immediately after they flower.
This upright European shrub is widely cultivated in the United States and is known for its clusters of juicy berries. The two most common forms of barberry bushes in the US are the Common Barberry and the Japanese Barberry.
The excessive Barberry growth rate can, however, be a problem and give you some boundary issues. Trim the shrubs at least two times a year, once during summer and once again during the fall season. Barberry contains several active substances like Isoquinoline as well as Protoberberine alkaloids like Jatrorrhizine, Columbamine, Palmitine and Berberine. Some researchers have hinted that Barberry acts faster than antibiotics in bringing relief to diarrhea patients though it is less powerful in removing bacterial organisms from the intestines. If you are looking for substitutes for the Barberry shrub, you may go for any of these for your landscaping purposes. The shrub produces edible fruits known as Barberries which may be eaten raw or used to make tea. The pleasant aroma and acidic taste of Barberries make them highly suitable to be added in spicy dishes.
Barberry identification becomes difficult for people who live in regions not conductive to the growth of this shrub. According to the University of Minnesota, spring pruning is standard for any shrub grown primarily for its foliage. Popular for its scarlet fall color and smaller size, this shrub produces red berries that last well into winter.

Clip the sides from the top down at a 15-degree angle so that the shrub is slightly wider at the bottom than it is at the top. It belongs to a family of approximately 450-500 species of evergreen and deciduous shrubs that have thorny stems and grow anywhere between 1 and 5 meters.
The Common Barberry is used for landscape gardening and grows as a wild bush in the eastern region of the United States. The overwhelming overgrowth of the Barberry bushes needs some careful pruning to keep in check. Barberry Tea can be made by soaking one or two crushed Barberries in a cup of water and boiling the solution. When I followed her instructions the next spring, my spirea shrubs looked for all the world like I had killed them.
Japanese barberry makes a pleasant alternative to evergreens as a hedge or border planting. Barberries are closely associated to genus Mahonia which is actually a family of small evergreen trees and shrubs native to Asia, North America and Central America. Barberry consists of Palmitine Hydroxide which may interfere with the development of sperm cells. This is hardly a reason to worry about Barberry thorn poisoning as there is rarely any complication. The Japanese Barberry is a famous garden plant where berries grow either single or in pairs. Athletes have begun to realize the importance of Barberry and have started to incorporate into their diets to speed up healing, support tissues, get relief from colds and get back vigor after intense workouts.
2-4 gms of dried, crushed Barberry roots can be soaked up in a cup of boiling water and served as herbal tea.
Birds eating barberries also spread the seeds of this shrub in the woods which helps them expand further. It is easy to care for and highly addictive -- because there is no other plant like it, you will find yourself wanting a pair, and then perhaps a line .

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