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For a calming, meditative spot to relax and enjoy some quiet time, it’s hard to beat the pleasures of backyard ponds. Spotted on This Old House, this pond-on-deck was easily the most rad and entertaining of all the backyard ponds we encountered. Whether it is backyard ponds or Koi ponds they are the cornerstone of any beautiful landscape. This residential pond construction project was in a completely flat yard.  After it was decided where and how big the pond was to be we did the pond design.
Koi ponds have some important issues that must be addressed when they are being constructed so make sure your pond contractor has knowledge of  Koi and their special needs.
Pacific Ponds and Design is not only your pond builder and custom pond construction company and partner.

Pacific Ponds and Design – Licensed and Bonded Pond Contractors, we understand your pond building needs. While building a backyard pond like the one featured here for The Family Handyman is not exactly a simple project, by following their step-by-step instructions you can have on just like it in your backyard. You’ll also find a complete guide to building backyard ponds using preformed liners on our How-To Community Forums. Even if you live in an apartment or condo that doesn’t have a big yard, you can still spend time gazing into the watery depths of your own private pond.
Check out a very helpful post about planting and caring for water plants in a garden pond on our online Forums.
Add a small submersible pond pump for a gentle burbling nature soundtrack that will also keep the waters of pond flowing fresh.

The area that you have marked, you can start to excavate it to create a pond but then leave area for the skimmer.
This red sandstone rock looked very nice with the accents of the house.  This is the nice advantage of having a custom pond builder, we were able to make it look like it was always there. Remembering to keep everything to scale with your yard if you want your water garden to look like a natural pond.

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