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So when it came time to plan my son’s 11th birthday party- there was no doubt what he wanted to do… hold his own backyard American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party competition! But of course, constructing a course in your backyard that matches the American Ninja Warrior theme and challenges, but at a level that kids can actually do- well… we really had to put some thought into this! We found a long log that was in our backyard wood pile, and placed it in front of a skateboard rail that was left in our yard when we moved into our home last December.

You can download a blank American Ninja Warrior Party Invitation here, and if you want to personalize it- follow the instructions in this tutorial: How to Create Birthday Party Invites Using PicMonkey. The events on the course are designed to test athletes strength, balance, and endurance- and my husband and I love how watching this show has inspired by kids to want to create their own version of an American Ninja Warrior course in our backyard! But then my husband came up with the idea that we can use this half pipe as a base to build a few American Ninja Warrior elements- starting with this cliffhanger wall.

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