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Know what you want to do with your bunkers: It's your choice to put Monster Bunkers inside your yard (beside your Town Hall, Defensive Tower or Resources) to help you protect your yard or be placed on the outside to waste your enemies monsters and time. Monsters will make a path towards the weaker walls, so having a high standard Gold or Black Diamond wall with a wooden wall in between them will cause them to path towards the wooden walls. The most effective use of walls is to make monsters walk: when playing against players you can expect the attacking force to be several times stronger than the strength of the wall. Good Aerial Defense Tower (ADT) placement is important: Later in the game flying monsters like Zafreeti, Fomor, and Teratorn become essential parts of people's attacks. Aerial Defense kills Zafreeti and other flying monsters such as Teratorn and Fomor (level 3 and above) and Laser Towers or Railguns kills ground monsters and waves of monsters.
In a serious attack, monsters will take less time breaking a Black Diamond wall (max level wall) than they take walking one block distance. Secondly, walls are used only to control monster movement, with good bases forcing monsters to constantly backtrack and turn corners.

When upgrading buildings that are outside your defenses place to the north of your bases so that if a wild monster attacks you won't lose upgrade time from the building being razed. However, Gorgo can get lured out by strong monsters that can do some damage to your Gorgo and then Fomor or Drull can kill it (Fomor doesn't need the extra damage, but it would make Gorgo easier to kill). If a monster attacks a wall, it is a sign of a flaw in the design, as walls are always too weak to be useful taking damage against player attacks. Make a nice labyrinth of walls for the monsters to stroll through while in the inner wall they are being shot by some Sniper Towers! Swarms of cheap monsters are mainly used in the early game, so Cannon and Laser Towers are the most important towers. Walls and building layout should be designed to force monsters together to improve the effectiveness of the area damage towers. Walls should be improved to increase the distance monsters will walk around them and pathing in the design becomes crucial to keep monsters away from your important buildings.

Walling should be highly optimised, and a sign of this is that monsters will walk around almost every corners in the design once, and never break a block. Traps should be spread out in the gaps between walls where you know monsters need to move to attack your buildings. A sign of an good late game layout is that the placement and distances between buildings is now as important to control monster pathing as the walls themselves. Layout design to control monster pathing is what is used to maximize damage from multiple towers rather than just putting towers close together. If not, take Crabatron out), Pokey (a lot) to lure out their champion and monsters in their Monster Bunker (so you know what to expect).

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