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Whether you have a small patio or acres of land, the Canadian Wildlife Federation would like to officially recognize your efforts in welcoming local and migratory wildlife to your outdoor space through our Backyard Habitat Certification Program.
Our Backyard Habitat Certification Program recognizes the amazing efforts Canadians are taking to meet the habitat needs of wildlife and allows individuals to have their property certified by officially designating their gardens and wild spaces as wildlife friendly. You gain official status and personal satisfaction in being part of a community of Canadians that are helping local and migratory wildlife, including species at risk, right in your own backyard.

The application form will guide you through these different components, but if you’d like more information or great tips and ideas in making it a reality for your property, visit our How to Garden with Wildlife in Mind section.
In 2014 our inventory of certified gardens across Canada was 800, and we're keeping up that momentum in 2015!

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