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Being from Kansas, we had large backyards filled with [real] green grass and huge trees and spending the summer evenings outside was awesome.
When my husband and I were looking for our first home together we included a large backyard at the top of our list.
Living in Las Vegas means you have to enjoy some time taking advantage of the beautiful Spring and Fall weather.
My backyard is anything but huge, however, I do absolutely love my desert landscaped backyard and mostly because I recently had bistro lighting installed  to create more of an intimate feeling to my backyard (something that I have always wanted!).

We have each taken a turn describing some of our personal style when it comes to building a backyard atmosphere. I adore being able to sit outside with my laptop and a good glass of wine, while lasting to music and working under the lights. Our backyard has been a work in progress, but we’re looking forward to having it complete within the next couple of months. My backyard is also a place I go to relax and even maybe watch a TV show on my iPad on that comfy chaise lounge.

I wanted to counter all of the Las Vegas heat influenced warm tones with a cool feeling so I used one of my favorite color combos of navy and white in mismatched patterns of stripes, trellis and ikat.

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