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We often tend to reflect on largely western designs that owe their origin to the various European nations and their individual design styles, or look towards the east for some exotic and enchanting ideas. While it might not be a conscious choice, it still means we tend to come across African style far less frequently than one would like.
But today, it is time to put the vivacious African continent and its captivating prints, artifacts and designs under the spotlight.Master bedroom with warm neutral tonesby AB Design ElementsIt must be said that the North African nation of Morocco and  the charm of Egypt manage to find some space in the mainstream design to a certain extent. Unlike many other themes, trying to add an African flavor to the room without using organic and sustainable materials is next to impossible.
You have plenty of choices here with cedar, ebony or African mahogany among many other popular wood types.

Yet, it is still possible to usher in the African vibe in a delicate, restrained manner by combining it tidily with other design style. Like some of the interiors on display here, you could create an exclusive display cabinet or a small nook to showcase your art collection inspired by Africa. While the rest of the house continues to remain contemporary, this small niche becomes a remarkable focal point and an instant conversation starter.Accent fabric adds African style with effortless easeAt times even the simple additions can be visually effective!by Texas Construction CompanyAnother clever way to usher in the African motifs without being all too obvious is by opting for a refreshing Tropical theme.
Apart from being a wonderful warm choice that beats the chill of the cold winter outside, this also allows you to blend Asian-themed decor and accessories along with African and South American finds. Even if you are not lucky enough to own any African artifacts or textiles, you can still bring home a bit of the continent’s amazing aura by simply choosing the right colors.

A simple guide in choosing the right hues for an African-inspired interior is the image of the sun setting on the vast plains of the Serengeti!Antique African textiles and patterns coupled with Central Asian artistryby Tucker & Marks Bringing in the African design style in a subtle fashionby Blackbird InteriorsCozy, energetic, engaging and often transcendental, African design is as charming as the continent itself.
Even if you are not thinking about a complete makeover, add an element or two of this fascinating style to your interior and you will instantly see the transformation.

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