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Hello,My name is Mike Balsinger, owner of Balsinger’s Landscape Services serving Gainesville,Florida for over 22 years, and I want to personally thank you for visiting with us.
Here at Balsinger's Landscapes we have always prided ourselves on integrity, uncompromising customer service and also bringing you a great value for your investment in your lawn with landscaping. In today's landscaping economy consumers such as yourself demand that we offer pricing opportunities that match or exceed your expectations, provide quality and trustworthiness in a company that you know and like.
Maintenance Prepayment -You can save up to 10% by prepayment of your annual landscaping, irrigation or maintenance when you ask for it (percentage of discount varies with the size of the project). Theo’s Lawn Maintenance has over 12 years of professional experience in both commercial and residential lawn maintenance in Gainesville Fl.

Our primary service area is Gainesville, Fl but we serve the surrounding area as well with a wide range of lawn maintenance and lawn care services. From seed to field of green, we will help you to achieve that perfect Gainesville lawn that you've been dreaming of. We have been helping people like you save money by providing affordable landscaping and lawn care in the Gainesville, Florida and surrounding area for over 20 years!
We have installed sod, mulch, patios, water features, low voltage lighting, irrigation systems, and entire landscapes in Gainesville, Florida and surrounding communities since 1989, as well as providing design and consultation services. Therefore, at LawnMore, one of our greatest motivations for structuring superb landscaping is a love of the earth.

He watches what is going on in the yard (trees as well as grass) and lets us know when attention is needed to our landscaping. Additionally, he has made multiple suggestions to ensure that our landscaping looks good and that it properly reflects a professional image.
In addition to being friendly and highly skilled, my wife and I appreciate their recommendations on affordable solutions that improve the health and appearance of our lawn.

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