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Realtime Landscaping Architect 2014 now includes a total of 7,160 plants, including 6,230 high-resolution images, 470 3D models, and 460 UltraRes Plant® models. The maximum lot size has been increased to over 100 acres, allowing you to create designs which are twice as large as before. Add new patio sets to your landscape designs, including tables, chairs, couches, daybeds, and even loungers.
Our new landscaping tutorials cover all general aspects of our Realtime Landscaping software, and are free to view by new users and existing landscape designers alike. Even more high quality landscape design tutorials are being produced and will be added over time.
Make your landscape designs and customer presentations even more realistic using the new high quality vehicles which have been added for 2014. The Fence tool now has 19 additional styles to choose from when designing a fence for your client's landscape.
Each of these styles can be fully customized as needed, and you are even able to save your own styles for future designs.
Realtime Landscaping Architect is now easier than ever to use, even for those with no prior CAD experience. Both new and advanced users alike will appreciate the smooth, user-friendly experience of our award-winning landscape design software.
Many other additions have been included to make Realtime Landscaping Architect faster, more realistic, and better than ever.
Import DWG, DXF, and PDF files into your landscape designs using the new CAD Drawing Import Wizard.
Using the new Google Maps Import Wizard, it is now easy to add satellite imagery to your design. Add even more life to your landscapes by showing animated clouds lazily drifting and changing shape over your designs.
Place automatically generated (or pre-defined) plant keys over every plant or plant group, keeping your landscape plan uncluttered and elegant. Share your designs using professional high resolution PDF files, or import CAD drawings in PDF format, and trace over them using the intuitive Realtime Landscaping tools.
Dozens of other additions, improvements, and changes have been made in order to make Realtime Landscaping Architect the best landscape design software on the market. Realtime Landscaping Architect 2012 includes new tools for designing accents in patios, walkways, swimming pool floors, decks, and more. Create designs with even more realism using Realtime Landscaping Architect's new enhanced surface detail feature.
Support for custom material directions are now available in Realtime Landscaping Architect 2012. More than 1200 products from 12 popular companies have been added to Realtime Landscaping Architect, including S.R. Several hundred new landscaping objects have been added to Architect, including new furniture, vehicles, fire pits, doors, windows, landscape lights, greenhouses, sheds, pond bridges, and much more. Nearly a thousand new high quality plants have been added to Realtime Landscaping Architect. Creating movies in Realtime Landscaping Architect is now faster, easier, and higher quality than ever! The look and feel of our Realtime Landscaping software has been improved with a new user interface. When viewing your landscape through a Realtime Walkthrough, or when creating a movie, shadows and lighting will now appear even more realistic by default.
The addition of these features allows pool designers and landscapers to create even the most unique residential and commercial swimming pools. New UsersPurchase now and receive the software immediately via download, as well as on shipped DVD. Pavestone is pleased to announce that our products are now available directly in VizTerra, 3D professional landscape design software from Structure Studios. The smartest way to go about doing a new outdoor project is to use landscaping design software. Landscaping software is designed to allow regular home owners and renters to create a digital rendition of their dream landscape.
With yard design software, users can accurately visualize their desired landscape without actually building it. Landscape designer software can help you estimate how much your next project will cost, and how much materials will be needed. The usability in a piece of landscape design software goes hand in hand with its tool set as well as the aesthetic appeal of the 3D renditions. Landscaping design software which is 3D-capable (usually CAD based) has a higher learning curve, but allows for greater flexibility and is more realistic.
2D software requires you to take a digital photo of your home and upload it onto the computer. If you are looking for flowers to start populating your perfect landscape, order flowers by post to get them delivered directly to your home.

Idea Spectrum is an innovative and refreshing software producer that places the development process above all other priorities. Having established a solid and successful line of software, Idea Spectrum turned its focus right back to development and released much improved versions of its three programs in 2007.
In 2009, Idea Spectrum released version 2 of Realtime Landscaping Architect, and version 5 of Realtime Landscaping Pro, Realtime Landscaping Plus, and Realtime Landscaping Photo. In 2011, Idea Spectrum released version 2011 of Realtime Landscaping Architect, Realtime Landscaping Pro, Realtime Landscaping Plus, and Realtime Landscaping Photo. In February 2012, Idea Spectrum released version 2012 of Realtime Landscaping Architect, Realtime Landscaping Pro, Realtime Landscaping Plus, and Realtime Landscaping Photo.
In March 2013, Idea Spectrum released version 2013 of Realtime Landscaping Architect, Realtime Landscaping Pro, Realtime Landscaping Plus, and Realtime Landscaping Photo. In February 2014, Idea Spectrum released version 2014 of Realtime Landscaping Architect, Realtime Landscaping Pro, Realtime Landscaping Plus, and Realtime Landscaping Photo.
The successful line of software that we have developed for over six years includes four separate products: Realtime Landscaping Architect, Realtime Landscaping Pro, Realtime Landscaping Plus, and Realtime Landscaping Photo. RLS Plus is targeted toward homeowners who need a landscape design, but do not need water features.
As an alternative to 3D landscape designs, all three other products in our lineup support a "Photo" mode.
When a product is purchased, the user receives the opportunity to download the software immediately, and is also shipped a physical copy of the software by mail.
Homeowners and professionals are now able to see what their landscape could look like without stepping foot outdoors.
Proper visualization of a landscape design is extremely important for winning a bid or impressing a spouse, because a typical landscape design can easily cost thousands. Landscape designers have struggled for decades with ways of expressing their visions to clients, and homeowners have also experienced a hard time getting their spouses on board with their plans. Of the three products released, Realtime Landscaping Plus ($79.95) is developed for homeowners. 3D appears to be the way of the future in many different arenas, and landscaping is not excluded.
View your landscape designs with subtle lighting and shadows, detailed surfaces, reflective water, and much more.
In just a few clicks, you can design directly on top of site plans and other CAD drawings for accurate scale and placement. By switching to a "list" system, it is much easier to manage detailed designs with dozens of different layers. Additionally, the maximum number of layers has been increased to 1,000, allowing for a practically infinite level of design organization.
Create accents using any material, and use them to add a decorative edge to your landscape designs. This exciting new technology greatly enhances the overall realism of your landscape designs. This wizard allows you to create objects in Realtime Landscaping Architect and seamlessly use them in Realtime Landscaping Photo, effectively bridging the gap between your Photo and 3D designs. This powerful tool allows for paths with unique designs and layouts, providing directional control of bricks and pavers.
Realtime Landscaping Architect has been updated to support the new version of SketchUp, increasing compatibility and the opportunities for new content.
However, you can now take it even one step further by enabling "Ray Tracing" on landscape lights for ultra-realistic night scenes. Use these tools to quickly design the road in front of your client's house, create entire road systems, or use the road tools for specialty projects such as street island landscaping. If you are not 100% satisfied with Realtime Landscaping Architect, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. Just like engineers use software to create and test products, home owners and even renters can use software to build a new yard and the various structures within. Whether the individual intends to plan out a small project such as the addition of a brick border, or a full renovation, this software can help.
The tool set does not need to be particularly large or complex to create an ideal landscape. When you create a landscape in a three-dimensional plane, you have greater control over object placement, colors, plants, and more. The photo is displayed in the software’s user interface and can be modified by placing 2d objects on top of it.
Most of the products out there come with built-in tutorial videos which guide you through key aspects of the software, helping you learn how to use the tools and features. Because of this dedication to constant production, we are able to consistently release substantial improvements to our software line, as well as develop new products and services.
Because of our self-publishing policy and our close connection with our customer base, nearly every feature in our software began as a customer request. Our current customer base is primarily composed of landscape designers, landscaping contractors, and homeowners, all whom are addressed by a product in our lineup.

Produced primarily for professional landscape designers and contractors, RLS Architect contains many features that would not likely be needed by homeowners, such as a Plan View that can be tailored to look like a traditional CAD drawing. RLS Pro allows for the advanced 3D design of landscaping and water features found in RLS Architect, but does not incorporate the versatility of RLS Architect's Plan View.
This Photo mode allows the user to take a picture of their property and landscape directly on top of it, achieving a "before and after" photo-realistic effect. With new 3D landscape design software, visualizing landscaping ideas becomes easy and clear. By providing landscape designers with powerful tools, and by providing customers with clear representations of what they are getting, everyone involved will benefit.
Walk through your designs in real-time, create life-like screen shots, and create HD movies which you can upload to YouTube or other websites. These new products give you even more ways to create realistic landscape designs and compelling presentations for your clients. The 3D Edge Effect appears in both design and walkthrough views, letting you provide a more realistic and inviting landscape design to your clients. The realistic presentation even allows the customer to see how their design appears at different times of day, from morning to night. No prior experience is needed to operate the software, as the tools are easily manipulated thanks to built-in tutorial videos and drag & drop functionality. The best consumer and professional landscape design software contains a wide array of plants, materials and objects to choose from, most of which can be customized.
Also, many pieces of landscape design software have the ability to time lapse into the future, allowing you to see what your plants would look like years from now. Also, you never have to travel between stores to get ideas, since the software provides you with a full material and object library. The best landscape software products have realistic sunlight simulation which allows you to see your landscape at different times of the day, with the sun angled in different directions. 3D landscape software simulates real objects very closely, and can be viewed from any angle in any light condition.
You are essentially placing flat photographs over the top of your photo to create a rough landscape design. In addition, a good old-fashioned textual manual can be of great use as well, whether you’re using landscape design software for Mac or Windows. Water Garden studio, a program that allowed for the creation and design of 3D ponds and waterfalls, was popular among pond enthusiasts, and its success prompted Idea Spectrum to broaden its focus to all aspects of landscaping.
The 2007 software titles were appended with a "3" as they were the third rendition of Idea Spectrum software. It is this Photo mode that has been isolated and labeled RLS Photo for consumers who do not need 3D design capabilities. 3D representations of a completed landscape design before work commences can ensure the finished result meets or exceeds their expectations.
When finalizing a design, there is nothing more powerful than a detailed 3D representation of a residential or commercial landscape. Yardsurfer has put together an in-depth overview of how this software can be used, as well as several highlights on some of the top brands. Certain pieces of software such as those from “Punch!” have a quick-start feature which can create a landscape in a matter of seconds.
Following its trend of yearly releases, Idea Spectrum released version 4 of the Realtime Landscaping software line in 2008. It is our intention to continue improving the Realtime Landscaping product line as we strive to be the clear leader in the landscaping software market.
And finally, some software packages include a library of “green” products such as bamboo flooring and wind power generators. Water Garden Studio was re-worked into a complete landscaping program and re-named Realtime Landscaping Pro 2 (version 1 being Water Garden Studio, and version 2 being RLS Pro). Version 4 brought a host of new features to the product line, but the main improvement was the addition of a new product: Realtime Landscaping Architect. In many cases, the final landscape can be converted into a blueprint and given to a contractor for assembly. Path animations are used to create customized fly-through videos which fly across the landscape like a bird.
Two light versions of Pro were also released for a lesser price: Realtime Landscaping Plus 2 and Realtime Landscaping Photo 2. RLS Architect added features geared strongly toward the professional landscape designer, while RLS Pro, Plus, and Photo were used primarily by homeowners.

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