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Phil’s extensive understanding of the Louisville retaining wall industry comes from his years of hands on experience and strong relationships with contractors in the field. The Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual is an invaluable resource for any engineer or architect designing a Redi-Rock wall.
In this Louisville area erosion repair project, transportation official chose Redi-Rock retaining walls to protect this roadway from a serious erosion issue. Check out this project profile of a Louisville area residential retaining wall project that included tall Ledgsetone Redi-Rock walls plus freestanding walls to create a gorgeous landscape for a home.
In the hilly Louisville area, retaining walls are a necessity for many landscapes—whether commercial or residential. The unifying park plan was a natural, almost kids play; build 740 feet of new stone walls with 450 million-year-old Kentucky limestone. And the walls would bring a touch of the Kentucky Bluegrass and its iconic stone fences to Louisville. Those old, now fallen stone fences can be found in several newly purchased areas along The Parklands of Floyds Fork.
Two other long and impressive walls face one another on both sides of Chenoweth Run – walls that a local farmer believes were used to funnel cattle down the creek and away from farm fields. Being in the silent presence of those old walls always requires some reflection on the building process.

I think about that Sisyphean labor; the gathering and hauling of rocks and dredging up the creek stone for raw materials.
By design, the new stone walls at Beckley Park follow the contours of nearby Beckley Creek. Joe Daley, a designer with Main Street Realty, said the walls were incorporated after discussions with Parklands naturalist Michael Gaige, who has spent years locating the old stone walls in the parklands property.
A few years later Aguilar’s father, Jesus Aguilar, his brother, Rigoberto Aguilar, took the dry stone workshop and they were asked to help on Dry Stone Conservancy projects, including the restoration of a five-mile wall along Paris Pike north of Lexington. Along the way, Aguilar built some stone walls outside of his rural home between Lexington and Georgetown, added a few signs saying he built stone entrances and retaining walls – and quickly had all the work he needed. Creating 740-feet of even stone walls from thousands of smaller uneven pieces is an art – once you get the raw material into workable condition. Because the coping layer running along the top of the Beckley Creek walls are so important, Aguilar did most of that work himself – a task that will put him in a reflective mood about wall building, too. Redi-Rock of Kentuckiana serves the Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Southern Indiana, and Eastern Illinois area with the most aesthetic, high quality retaining walls on the market—matched with impeccable customer service and meticulous installation. Southern Tradition wall system provides a distressed, natural-stone appearance and long-lasting durability that adds beauty to any landscape project. The trick was to make the right plans, truck in about 400 tons of limestone from Scott County, find the family with the certified skills to shape and lay the stones, build that 740 feet of connective historical tissue – then bring on the kids.

Walters said plans for the entire park include historic focal points that will meld roads, walls, bridges, forest paths and existing wooden structures and silos. As a child in Mexico he would watch his father and grandfather build stone walls on their farm in Mexico. 100% of your tax-deductible membership contribution helps us to preserve the current and future trees, trails, landscaping and facilities allowing each visitor an unparalleled experience now and in the future. Some of Hill's stories appear in A Landscape and its Legacy, the commemorative book for The Parklands of Floyds Fork project.
About 10 years ago a friend told him about Dry Stone Conservancy, a Lexington-based organization dedicated to preserving dry-laid (without mortar) stone structures and promote the ancient craft of dry stone masonry.
Hill has also compiled a Floyds Fork “Places & Faces” presentation that adds imagery to the words. This experience has allowed Redi-Rock of Kentuckiana to provide another quality product—Redi-Rock retaining walls—to our valued customers in the Louisville area.

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