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GBF Basalt Regular RebarGBF Rebar has good electrical insulation, non- magnetic , electromagnetic and other properties, which can protect the normal operation of sensitive electronic communications equipment , uninterrupted with high accuracy . Basalt Twill fabricFor structural uses, basalt twill fabrics are useful for producing structural basalt-plastics based on various thermosetting binders (for instance by laying out method). GBF basalt roving with black coated is made by after-treatment, with the special sizing and resin, for different customer requirement about different colors, GBF makes the black basalt roving.
GBF Basalt textured yarn is kind of ideal high-temperature resistance product, which is made from basalt roving through some special process to air the roving.
GBF Basalt twisted yarn is supplied for woven, insulating tape, sleeving, braiding, industrial fabrics, tire-cord, electronic, etc. GBF basalt insulation tapes of armored vehicles are made of the weaving continuous basalt fiber.
GBF Basalt ropes can be made into different shapes like squared, rounded and just simple assembled and twisted.
General-purpose fabrics are useful, for example in fire feltings for suppression of extremely complex fires resulting from ignition of highly flammable liquids, in particular gasoline. Basalt chopped fiber is continuous filament cut to predetermined lengths to suit a particular application.

GBF basalt Fiber delivers excellent mechanical performance, good tensile strength, more corrosive resistance, high-temperature proof but less expensive than carbon and special glass fiber, which can be good material applied in woven, pultrusion, CNG cylinders, geotextile, prepregs and chopped configurations, etc. If you didn't find the product information you want above, you can search more Product information through here. You can also prevent causing personal injury and fire accidents from circuit current sensing of metal or short circuit in buildings  .
From these materials, components for automobiles, aircraft, ships, sports and households appliances can be produced. The properties and performance maintain the same with the original, the after treatment with special resin made its surface more smooth and good assembled. The increased specific area makes it have more area to keep touch with the other material than the regular roving.
The new structure makes it can be a good choice for reinforce composites from the different directions based on clients’ requirement.
This new ropes which are made by basalt roving or twisted yarn can be widely used for packing, repair or reinforcement.
The employments of incombustible basalt fabric inserts in industrial ventilators increase their fire safety as well as the fire resistance of ventilating systems.

From these materials components for automobiles, aircraft, ships, sports and households appliances can be produced. GBF Basalt UD fabric, produced by GBF are coated with sizing which is compatible with polyester, epoxy, phenolic and nylon resins, which improve the reinforcement effect of the basalt fiber unidirectional fabric. It is designed for use in filament winding process for manufacture of GRP pipes, storage tanks, etc. It is made from chopped fiber with the specific process, which can be used for the Exterior wall or the core of the wall.
Non-magnetic and non-currency conductive characteristics of GBF rebar makes It a perfect reinforcement material for seismic geomagnetic room in the seismograph station.

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