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Prime Minister Narendra Modi dressed in a white T-shirt and trouser along with a scarf, led around 40,000 yoga enthusiasts on second International Yoga Day at the Capitol Complex, here this morning.
Over 190 countries, including 40 Islamic nations, supported the move to have a special day for yoga and hence June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2014. The venue was divided into eight blocks with several LED screens being installed for the large gathering.
Among those who participated included Punjab and Haryana Governor and UT administrator Kaptan Singh Solanki, Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. While the Prime Minister performed yoga asanas, around 5,000 police personnel were deployed to keep a hawk-eye vigil on the International Yoga Day event.
Chandigarh based, Alchemist Infosystems is the face behind the registration, identification, security, seat allocation and tracking of all the persons who participated in the second IYD at the Capitol Complex.

In order to manage the registration at the event, the company developed a mobile app - International Yoga Day Event Registration App – 2016. These NFC-enabled smart card can provide high levels of security and privacy protection, making them ideal for handling sensitive information such as identity, he further explains. The smart card also becomes an inventory control tool when it comes to the distribution of freebies, beverages, food items or gifts. Apart from proving a highly secured environment, the company also globalized the event through Social Media by establishing Selfie Kiosks, wherein the participant can get an NFC-tagged selfie and upload on the Facebook page of the event. The UT Police also called for additional police force from Punjab, Haryana, and paramilitary forces. These hi-tech cards guarantee the true identity of the participant and at the same time also allow the event organizers to deliver an intensely personalized and meaningful experience for their attendees,” said Sathya Shankar, Chief Executive officer, Alchemist Infosystems.

Alchemist Infosystems also implemented the system of e-purse management in International Yoga Day event to manage the distribution of freebies among the participants. According to the sources, few days before the main event, PM’s Special Protection Group (SPG) along with the senior police officials also visited the Capitol Complex, Raj Bhawan, and the airport. To keep things under control, the team also checked the CCTV cameras installed around the complex.

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