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Typically every year at MWC, Sony announces a new Z series smartphone and many were expecting to see a Sony XPERIA Z4 launched at MWC this year.
Despite being bigger than the M2 Aqua owing to the bigger screen, the phone does not feel difficult to handle. Things get busy on the right side as you have a large flap that protects both the nanoSIM card slots. On the left side of the device, you have the microSD card slot which is protected by a flap and the microUSB port. The phone is available in 4 different colour schemes – White, Silver, Coral (Pinkish) and Black. Sony have included a glove mode that boosts the sensitivity of the screen so that you can your phone even with gloves on.
The M4 Aqua Dual comes with Android Lollipop 5.0 out of the box and while Sony does have some of its customizations in terms of UI, the interface is still one of the closest to a stock Android feel that you can get from most manufacturers.
Messaging is quite a nice experience thanks to the Sony keyboard which we quite like thanks to the well spaced letters. The M4 Aqua Dual has support for Dual Nano SIM cards and you will be delighted to know that it supports LTE on both the slots. There is a built-in FM Radio that comes integrated with Track-ID that helps you identify the song you are listening to easily. The Sony XPERIA M4 Aqua Dual has a 13 Megapixel camera at the back along with an LED flash. Temple Run is one of the most popular app in iOS and Android today and still getting high number of downloads until now.
When you have lots of coins but not satisfied with your highscore, purchase a resurrection and boost. If only i have son for sure he will love this game, my daughter loves toy story 3 lang eh pero she plays it with her psp! I think one of your ads triggered my internet browser to resize, you may well want to put that on your blacklist. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
While the design is still unmistakably Sony, the M4 Aqua borrows more from the XPERIA Z3 than its predecessor. Sony smartphones are generally known for having great design but most often their handsets have bigger bezels than most other smartphones and the M4 Aqua is no exception. The microUSB port for the first time remains unprotected in a Sony phone while still remaining waterproof. We got the Black unit for review but we quite liked the finish on the White and Coral version as well. The display doesn’t have any branded protection but instead uses generic scratch resistant glass and in the time that we used the device, we found that it actually was quite resistant to scratches. We quite liked how Sony has managed to incorporate the nice elements of the Lollipop update with their own UI. There are shortcuts to the dialer and the camera as well as the unlock slider in the middle.
The top speaker grill is the earpiece and while it offers good audio quality, we found that it did lack in terms of loudness. They aren’t too far apart that it makes typing difficult but they have enough space so even people with bigger fingers do not mistype.
We got quite good speed during out LTE tests of the device and we found that it manages to get good grip of the cell signal. It is located in an ideal spot where the sound can be heard well whether you are holding it or keeping it flat on a table.
The quality through earphones are much better and the bass in particular is quite good too.
There is a graphic equalizer that lets you get the best audio output according to your tastes. You need to plug in a pair of earphones or headphones as that will act as the antenna to receive the signals. The image quality is quite good in daylight with the camera capturing good detail and accurate colours.
Like with the case of most XPERIA phones recently, the battery life is quite good and should last even most heavy users a day of use. I downloaded Temple Run on my Xperia mini and play it during break time or before I go to sleep just to kill time.
What we got from them is the Sony XPERIA M4 Aqua which is the first smartphone from Sony that is waterproof yet has an unprotected microUSB port. Starting with the dual speaker cut outs, the repositioned camera as well as the rounded edges, the design resembles the Z3 more than it resembles the M2 Aqua. There are big bezels on the top and bottom but the slim waistline at just 7.3mm makes handling the phone quite easy.
Finally, you also have a dedicated camera shutter button which is one feature we really love about Sony phones. Previous Sony phones that were waterproof required you to close the flap to protect the microUSB port in order to meet the waterproofing requirements.

Although, the latter would be more popular amongst ladies but has a different look as compared to other handsets on the market. The display is smooth and feels good to use but we noticed that it caught fingerprints easily. Basically anything that has a pointy end but make sure it isn’t so sharp that you actually scratch or damage the screen itself. Users still do get themes and the ability to customize their clocks, wallpapers, status bar icons etc but it still remains quite close to stock Android. You can also see the SIM card statuses at the top left along with the battery and reception info on the top right. We would’ve liked a shortcut to airplane mode as well here but you can still access it pretty fast using the notification drawer. The loudness is quite good while playing music and videos which is quite contrary to the call volumes through the loudspeaker.
There are 8 presets of equalizer and if you aren’t satisfied with any, you can customize it to your own liking as well and save them even.
Once the track has been identified, you even have a share button that instantly lets you share what you are listening to over Facebook.
The dynamic range is pretty good too and you can achieve pretty shallow depth of field feel when you take macro shots. Steadyshot improves the stability of the video even though it is software stabilisation and not hardware since there is no OIS on the M4 Aqua Dual. By default the camera is set to superior auto mode where the camera judges the subject and automatically chooses the mode accordingly be it macro, low light etc. With Dual-SIMs the battery life might not get you through the entire day but should give you time till early in the night at least. It does have a few drawbacks, the most obvious one being lack of USB OTG support and another being the weak loudspeaker while calling. It is not easy to earn coins and get a score more than 1 million if you don’t have coins to purchase power-ups. It has a 12MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, phase detection autofocus, and dual-LED flash while secondary camera is 5MP for selfies. It feels quite good to hold and easy to grip despite having glass on the back and the front. However, many users often found this to be a nuisance especially since it often broke off with regular usage. The screen doesn’t really work well underwater but thankfully Sony have a hardware key for the camera shutter so you can still take photos and videos underwater. There are two storage variants – One with 8GB of internal storage and another with 16GB of internal storage.
But it comes at the expense of reduced field of view as opposed to shooting without the Steadyshot feature turned on. There are a few things such as aspect ratio, facial recognition, timer etc that you can set but most of the control is with the device itself. The camera noise performance is a con that we could expect to see an improvement in the future so I would give Sony the benefit of the doubt. Instead of upgrading all Temple Run power-ups, just upgrade the coin magnet and coin values.
The M4 Aqua which is the successor of the first M2 Aqua (Weird naming scheme I agree) was launched as a dual SIM variant here in India. What was considered to be the size of a flagship grade phone is now the common display size for most mid range smartphones.
Since the microUSB port is the one thing you need to access regularly at least for charging, it does make sense to have waterproofing without it needing to be covered. You have an NFC branding towards the top at the centre, a Sony branding at the centre and an XPERIA branding at the bottom centre. Tapping the multi-tasking key brings up the list of recently run apps in chronological order.
Pull it down once, you get the list of notifications which you can interact with directly, remove them one by one or all at once. While the quality is good, the loudness isn’t high enough especially in noisy environments. Once you’re done with your message, you again have shortcuts that let you choose which SIM to send the message from easily.
There is no distortion as such but does seem like it lacks clarity but the ClearAudio+ function does seem to compensate for it. The reverb effect does give a certain appeal to some songs and all these customizations can keep you busy for a while especially if you are an audiophile. The front facing camera does capture good detail as well and the images produced are bright and have good contrast. Manual mode offers the most control to the user as you can choose the resolution, aspect ratio, HDR, ISO, metering, exposure scene etc. If you do turn on the stamina mode, you can get much better battery life especially with the kind of power customizations that the user can choose from. If you’re thinking that there are other smartphones on the market that offer similar performance and features at the same or lesser price point then yes you are right.

This will add search points to your device (hence the permissions) - which are easy and quick to remove or replace.
Temple run coin magnet is the best power-up to get coins especially the red and blue coins, this is important in achieving a highscore. So in this review we will be taking a look at the Sony XPERIA M4 Aqua Dual to see how well it performs as a smartphone. The M4 Aqua weighs in at 135 grams and the weight is balanced well as the handset doesn’t feel that one side is heavier than the other. We had tested it out during our time with it at MWC as well as during our underwater shoot with the phone and we found that it was waterproof indeed without the port needing to be covered.
There is a 2400 mAH battery powering the device but the battery isn’t removable nor is the back panel. The legibility under sunlight is really good too and in most cases we didn’t need to bump up the brightness to the maximum.
It is not just a set of presets but instead, you get a proper RBG slider to make the changes. You can choose to swipe an app to the left or right to close them or even close all of them at once. Pulling down the notification bar again will give you the quick toggles as well as access to the brightness control slider.
The dialer app is quite easy to use and gives you your list of favourite contacts as well as the call log upon launch. If you’ve ever encountered the problem of volume differences between your songs, then you can use the dynamic normalizer to make sure that they all are on the same volume level.
It also takes longer to focus on an object at night and we often found that the camera failed to focus completely at times till we rebooted the camera app itself.
However at times, the skin tones do come out a bit weird under certain lighting conditions.
But very few of them offer a camera shutter key and perhaps almost none of them are waterproof.
Thank you!“This app will enhance your user experience by adding a floating on-top-widget that will enable you to interact seamlessly with your social networks search the web  and read your favorite content on top of any app – without switching apps. But only one of these are functional as the one below the display is just a dummy to get a balance in terms of design. The soft touch finish on the sides make it easy to grip the phone in hand and even when wet, we did not lose grip of the phone. So users will have to take their phone into a service centre if they wish to change their battery.
There is a feature called Smart backlight control which basically  helps the phone detect if you are holding the phone and looking at the screen even without you actually touching the screen. We wonder why exactly there is a difference of night and day in the night and day shots (pun intended).
If you are someone who does want those two features in a smartphone, then the extra price is worth paying for. Additionally, the floating on-top-widget may display useful offers and free coupons that support our development. Active clip basically is similar to taking a screenshot but allows you to crop it immediately after doing so.
Users can key in the number or search for contacts and then choose which of the two SIMs they wish to use to make the call. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t support USB OTG and we tried several different flash drives and hard disks but were never able to connect any of them. We hope that Sony would release an update in the future that improves image processing at night as the camera is clearly capable of taking better shots. Apart from superior auto and manual, there are other camera apps as well that give different effects when used. Above the display, you also have the front facing 5 Megapixel camera along with the Sony logo, proximity and ambient light sensors.
If the phone senses that you aren’t doing so then it will go off to sleep according to the timeout that you have set. Touch block basically allows the user to prevent accidental touches on the phone’s screen especially when it is wet and it can be deactivated when not needed. The contacts app offers unlimited entries and you can add a few to groups or set them as your favourites.
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