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Do you have a Pioneer mini-hifi (X-HM71-S, X-HM71-K or X-HM81-S, X-HM81-K) or amplifier (X-HM20) that suddenly stopped working? Before finding out about the secret buttons I took the units to an approved Pioneer service workshop where they reset the fault code.
Given in my case I had three units fail in two separate installations that I’d personally wired up without any trace of faulty wiring I wanted to understand why I was being wrongly accused. But hold on a minute, why can’t the protection circuit and software be designed to trigger and reset on power cycle or recover if the fault condition goes away? Remember that the flashing light on these products can mean various different things, some recoverable and some not depending on the timing’s.
I am tearing out my hair- this is the second model and third time it’s happened to me! After replugging the stereo, I tried various button combinations as I’ve seen several posts about bigger pioneer receivers showing similar behaviour, although those had an actual error message. Turns out pressing POWER and STOP at the same time brings you into the diag menu, which will show various subsystems and whether they have triggered the protection (strangely, for me, no subsystem showed a fault.
Yes on P21 it clearly says if the DC, POWER, or PWM protection circuit is activated the unit will lock.
It also mentions a service remote control is needed to select the service menu: Turn the unit on then select the Music Server function.
I guess one could probably use an IR led and anything programmable (Arduino, anything Linux (Raspberry Pi, …) with LIRC) to send out those IR codes in the parentheses. Now it is working again but at the end of the diagnostic menu it was not quite clear how to go on but pressing the on button solved the problem in the end!
Excellent – Got up this morning to see the timer light flashing and everything had been working perfectly last night before i went to bed. Thanks a million – saved me a trip to the retailer and probably an argument with them !!! Service check the fault codes and led flash rate to determine why the protection triggered. Suggest you try disconnecting both speakers, unplugging the unit and waiting a few minutes then plugging back in without speakers connected and see if the timer led stops flashing. If the protection circuit triggers with no speakers it’s likely the D-Amp has failed and needs replacing. Les Jours Fous c'est parti, soyez les premiers a profiter des plus belles remises et d'un max de codes promo, rien que pour vous !!! L’amplification repose sur un bloc d’alimentation largement dimensionne et developpe la puissance de 50 watts par canal. L’autre point fort de la X-HM71 reside dans la grande polyvalence dont fait preuve notre micro chaine. Enfin, la base vTuner integree permet d’acceder simplement et rapidement aux radios Web du monde entier a l’aide d’un classement permettant plusieurs chemin d’acces ( par genre, continent, pays, podcasts ). La navigation a travers ses differentes playlists sera facilite a l’aide de l’ecran LCD couleur integre en facade et qui permet de retranscrire diverses informations comme par exemple la pochette du morceau ecoute. Pioneer Photoshoot of audio componentsCovershot for Pioneer Home Brochure 2012, for advertising, and Pioneer website. Lifestylephoto Pioneer headphone SE-MJ751Shot for Pioneer Home Brochure 2012, for advertising, and Pioneer website. Lifestylephoto Pioneer headphone SE-MJ751, close upShot for Pioneer Home Brochure 2012, for advertising, and Pioneer website.
Photo Loft Antwerp for Pioneer A3 wireless audio systemPhotoshoot in Antwerp Loft for Pioneer brochure, ad and website with special thanks to interior designer Jeanne van de Meulengraaf. Photos for Ashtari Oriental CarpetsPhotoshoot of handmade oriental carpets for website and catalogues for Ashtari Antwerp.

Pioneer STZ-D10ZThis series of photographs was made for the promotion of the Pioneer Steez soundsystem. Pioneer STZ-D10TThis series of photographs was made for the promotion of the Pioneer Steez soundsystem.
Pioneer STZ-D10T_4This series of photographs was made for the promotion of the Pioneer Steez soundsystem. Pioneer STZ-D10T_3This series of photographs was made for the promotion of the Pioneer Steez soundsystem. Pioneer STZ-D10T_2This series of photographs was made for the promotion of the Pioneer Steez soundsystem. Pioneer STZ-D10SThis series of photographs was made for the promotion of the Pioneer Steez soundsystem.
Pioneer STZ-D10S_3This series of photographs was made for the promotion of the Pioneer Steez soundsystem.
Pioneer STZ-D10S_2This series of photographs was made for the promotion of the Pioneer Steez soundsystem. Maybe all it does when plugged in is flash a little red light on the front panel and refuses to switch on.
I tried Google for helpful suggestions of holding down multiple buttons such as stop and power when plugging in but this did not work. The reason for this Pioneer inform me is that an engineer needs to check for damage before reset to ensure the device is not permanently damaged. It cost ?30 a pop for DK AVS to reset each X-HM71 which developed the mysterious flashing red timer light after the 12 month warranty had expired. Well Class D amps are cheaper to manufacture and can produce more audio power efficiently so long as they keep switching. A permanent fault such as a shorted speaker would immediately trigger the protection and switch off the amplifier each time.
Also most of our products will have a form of indication when a problem occurs, and these lights will mean totally different things.
Suggest you double check the speaker wires are not shorting out on either left or right channels before attempting reset the lock. So glad to read it is a problem in the system, my friendly retailer and repairer are implying it is some way I have handled the machine.
That may be the case if it happens once but having seen this re occur on different units suggests there’s a design problem.
When the blinking led first occurred I saw similar advice for a DVD player and tried many combinations holding power and stop, power and eject, etc, etc.
In my case the red light startend to blink after a sort of interruption in the current but it didn’t switched off completely but this happened 2-3 times and this made the red light start to blink and apparently this was the cause.
Your post did not helo me directly but it encouraged me to search some solutions by myself. The service manual says: The protection circuit is activated when a failure in power or voltage is generated in the D-AMP circuit. If it does then switch back off unplug and connect each speaker in turn and see what happens.
If it fires with one speaker then check the there’s not a fine strand of wire shorting or one connection has come away and shorting with the other at the speaker terminal. La restitution est confiee a deux enceintes bass-reflex deux voies equipees d’un woofer de 120mm et d’un tweeter a dome souple de 25mm. Integrant d’origine le Wi-Fi, il est facile de la relier a un reseau domestique et de beneficier en ce cas de ses larges possibilites multimedia. The bad news is that you won’t find any clue in the instruction manual that came with your system.

The service workshop will likely insist the problem was caused by you having been clumsy enough to wire up the speakers incorrectly or short out the speaker wires or have a fine wire that touched the chassis.
If they stop switching the output devices can fail rapidly especially if the speaker connection is short circuit or shorted to chassis.
A glitch or power spike that triggers the protection once would reset next power cycle if the problem has gone away.
Pioneer have since replaced the X-HM71 with a newer model and I bet it uses the same overload protection but I won’t be buying one to find out! I tried pressing the buttons while plugging in, plugged in and for over 15 seconds and never the diagnostic menu showed for me.
If the protection circuit is activated, the unit will shut itself off and the TIMER indicator on the front panel will start flashing. Ces deux veritables enceintes alimentees par une amplification genereuse permettent d’obtenir une restitution dynamique, offrant une tres bonne tenue dans les basses frequences et une grande precision dans les hautes frequences, sans agressivite. Certifiee Airplay et DLNA, il est possible de lire ses playlists contenues sur tout type de support compatible, ordinateur ou smartphone, le tout sans fil. There’s not one mention of a flashing light or what to do if you are unlucky to have this occur. Suggestion was to use the Pioneer speakers supplied instead of my JPW or Gale Gold Monitors, not a choice I wanted given the Pioneer’s inferior quality. So manufactures like Pioneer have to design and fit elaborate protection to monitor the amplifiers and switch it off as soon as it thinks there’s a problem to avoid permanent damage. Sounds too simple and probably is but the question remains why not at least let the end user know that a flashing light means a fault has been detected?
When I asked Pioneer if it was possible for consumers to reset the fault they told me no, they designed it that way so service engineer could check the fault condition before clearing. I wondering what they made in service if that same fault happens again and maybe for first time i was bale to repair myself by buttons stop+input.
I guess most owners will simply give up and look for a new model thinking they’ve broken it. Having said that I should say Pioneer now produce some far better sounding speakers than you may expect although the pair bundled with the X-HM71 were not in that category (you get a clue by their light weigh feel.
Class D amplifiers essentially switch on and off at supersonic frequencies that even bats would have trouble hearing. You could try operating the unit with speakers disconnected for 1h+ and see if it’s ok.
After a shutdown, to turn the unit back on, unplug the AC power cord then plug it back into the AC outlet.
Pioneer wanted to see the impedance curve of my 20 year old speakers to point the finger but of course could not find any from the manufacturer.
It took me 20 minutes or so to measure the impedance of each of my speakers and send Pioneer the curves. After some high frequency filtering the audio signal is fed to the speakers as in the higher class amplifiers.
And then, I press the power button and the “direct” button together, hold for 10 seconds and it worked! I am happy now but I think I will always be afraid to use the RCA-computer connection again… I wrote this post to help others.

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