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This photo shared by Ally Jack on Twitter gives a lot of ideas for a good Cow Appreciation Day costume. More than one could possibly be the culprit if you’re finding more hair with your brush lately. She's also a featured cat blogger for CatTime, runs a post-apocalyptic blog, and is a guest writer for a number of publications. However, when the DLC finally launched, the Content Creator was untouched.Rockstar clarified in the Newswire post dedicated to the launch of Cunning Stunts that the Stunt Race Creator update is still coming and will be released on the second of August.
You can just draw some cow spots on a white sheet of paper and tape it to the front of your shirt, and this might be accepted.
The delay has probably something to do with the bug that really kicked this whole thing off.Creators of fan-made maps in GTA Online really tended to like the method of stacking props on one another to create new buildings or objects in order to make their map truly unique. Stacking props allowed players to introduce pretty innovative mechanics for their maps.Until it was removed, at least.

And Props?That’s pretty much how we picture the thought process that went into coming up with the Cunning Stunts concept. Except, then they realised they won’t be done with it all in time and came up with a regular DLC idea to tide GTA Online players over. Then again – what better way to hype up the Stunt Race Creator than to allow players to race on some maps made using said creator?Anyhow, a quick glance at your calendar will tell you that the 2nd of August is still a ways out. However, if you’re itching for some custom Cunning Stunts racing and happen to play GTA 5 on PC, the modding community has you covered. Kind of.With the props for the Cunning Stunts map being in the game, just not unlocked in the Creator, the PC folks who put together the custom map creation tool have managed to access said props.
The track features many of the tube elements that have become so iconic to the recent GTA Online DLC as well as some speed boosters.Next up is what is more like an amusement park instead of a straight race.
A set of thematic stunts a set up for you to experiment with at your leisure in Samkimahri’s Cunning Stunts Stunt Park.

The McKenzie Stunt Jump map by Flukey_th takes players out to the desert of Blaine County for a thrilling ride through a tube, across a massive loop and more. The Maze Bank Ascent mod is supposed to be a copy of the map of the same name from Cunning Stunts with a few slight modifications. Again, this is a great track for some practice runs.Have you used the Map Editor to build some custom stunt maps for GTA 5? Feel free to share them for us to enjoy while we wait on the release of the Stunt Race Creator!cunning stuntsflukey_thgta 5guadmazmap editormodonlinepcrockstar gamesrutger100samkimahristunt raceWelcome to GTA 5 Cheats - the ultimate resource for cheats, codes, guides and more for Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC! Recent News GTA Online’s Stunt Race Creator Releasing Soon PSA: Mods Still Not Allowed In GTA Online GTA Online Becoming A Chore?

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